• Let's go to the Games Xpo 2009

    Greetings Members!

    This Saturday, 4 July 2009, AMCC will be going on a field trip to the Games Xpo! The event starts from 10am - 10pm at Suntec.

    However, we will be meeting at 1pm, outside the Starbucks near the convention hall area , before proceeding to the event.

    And since it would be rather crowded during the event, please also note down two very important phone numbers for contact in case anyone gets separated/lost:

    Albert - 98779669
    Bryan - 91772694

    Do drop us an email at amccsg@gmail.com or send an sms to Albert if you are interested in going. Alternatively, if you have gotten a Facebook invite for this event, just accept or decline it =)

    Hui Ching


  • Submitting Stuff to the Members Content Blog

    In the interest of keeping the Members Content Blog only about Member submitted content, I am posting this announcement on the main blog.

    If you intend to submit a review piece, please provide whatever pictures or videos you want to be placed in the review. Do not worry about decorating the review, We will touch up the text sizes and colors to make it more visually appealing.

    Just to tell you guys, I don't really check the club email very often, so If you submit anything to the email, please leave a message in the Shout box on the main blog to notify us so we can get your material up ASAP.

    We have our first Anime review up on our Members Content Blog! The Anime in question is Afro Samurai and it was sent in by AMCC VP, Bryan. Go check it out and leave some comments.

    ~ Brandon


  • One Head of Hydra Changes it's Name... Videogames Blog Renamed.

    It has come to my attention that members would like to submit material other than stuff related to videogames... I know, right. Unthinkable!

    Anyway, despite of my perplexity, we have decided to re-christen the AMCC Videogames Blog the AMCC Members Content Blog. All the relevant links have already been changed. That's right. No time for you guys to say goodbye or take pictures. *Sniff* I miss the old name already :(

    The AMCC Members Content blog will be accepting submissions of ANY member submitted content (as long as it's your own work of course). This includes Drawings, Sketches, Anime reviews and whatever your twisted, insidious minds and hearts desire.

    The old system, submitting your work to our club email for editing and posting, is still in place, so all submissions should be sent there. Fear not, for full credit shall be given to the person that sent in the work. The important thing is allowing your works to be seen and acknowledged by a wider audience.

    One more thing, NO HENTAI! You know who you are.

    ~ Brandon

    P.S. To celebrate this Re-naming, there is a new review up on our Members Content Blog. Ironically enough, it's a videogame review. By me. Head there NOW. Be warned, It is text and picture heavy. I recommend bringing a Snack.


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