• LF qt 3.14 to play games together with me.

    True to the name, Anime and Gaming club, we also do game, and extensively at that.
    The club has many members with various preferences of gaming, from PC to console to arcade and even mobile games.

    Club Gaming

    Most of the time, one of our members might bring in their console into club room for us to play with.
    Most of the time, this kind member is alumni Mr. Shengyu with his PS3/PS4.
    Games that we play in club meetings are multiplayer in nature and varies from Marvel VS Capcom, Gundam VS series, horror games, multiplayer puzzle, etc.

    Almost always however, our console gaming session will end up with Ultra Street Fighter 4 matches.

    MMORPG matters and online gaming

    We have participated in various MMORPGs together as a club, hopped in between trending MMOs.
    Our members have always been interested to play a single MMORPG together as a big guild, but presently, there is no known MMORPG out there that accommodates our varied tastes.

    Perhaps you can join and enlighten us to an exciting MMORPG!

    Below is a list of online games currently followed by our club members:

    Million Arthur
    A mobile card game for android and iOS, full of wonderful and stunning card illustrations.
    Perhaps the most populous game among the club members as it also caters to our busier club members and working alumni.

    Blizzard's famous card game. A casual friendly game that grows more competitive the better you are at the game.
    There will always be a guaranteed two-three club members playing the game daily for a few hours.
    Other club members play Hearthstone on an on/off basis.

    League of Legends
    Left 4 Dead
    Some of our club members congregate every night to play these games together.

    Dragon Nest
    Quite a number (10) of our members are currently playing DN, making a comeback of sorts.

    FF XIV
    Inactive. The interest for resubbing is always there.

    Some of our alumni are resubbing currently.

    PSO2 (JP / SEA)
    Some of our club members are playing in the JP server while there's a handful other playing in SEA.

    Clash of Clans
    Some of our members have created an AMCC clan for this mobile game.

    Here you will find the gamer ID of members. Do add each other, be it to chat online, have a 'friendly' round of Call of Duty or simply to compare Trophy's/Achievements and gloat at your success.

    1) Irvine
    Steam Name: Chuasai!
    Steam ID: alient456

    Steam Name: Elizabeth
    Steam ID: lizlyx

    Steam Name: Mengz
    Steam ID: deathscythe_hell

    4)Jeremy Gill
    Steam Name: Iammortal
    Steam ID: zer0ballz

    Steam ID: appledough

    Steam Name: AkiAkiSae

    7) Victoria
    Steam ID: Scout_Slayer13

    8) Brenda
    Steam ID: Naitokurora

    9) Jeremy Joel
    Steam Name: JJTWL88

    10) Monika (with a fabulous bishounen pic)
    steam name: shirokrill
    steam id: ruvario_luv

    11) Xin Yong (XY)
    steam name: 皆の目線をいただきまゆゆ
    steam id: minnanomesenwoitadakimayuyu

    12) Richky Gani
    steam name: rixxirox

    13) Jeremy Kang
    Steam ID: RandyOrton  (Looking for TF2 players!)

    14) Anthony
    steam name: LovePhantom
    steam id: superflyingpig

    15) Shaun Sim
    steam name: Fa11enangel

    16) Jinyuan
    Steam name:kaynes
    steam id: shakeofinfinity

    17) Chris
    Steam id: manuk51a [DoTA2 / Team Fortress 2 (mann vs machine only) / Warframe]

    18) Travis
    Steam name: raikouex
    Steam ID: tycom125 (Marvel Heroes!)

    19) Astrid Jessica
    Steam name: AshleyLSX
    Steam ID: illidan_stormrage_853

    20) Michael
    Steam name: Cure White

    21) Junxi
    steam id: Brivandos [L4D]

    22) Jone Efendy
    Steam ID:jovisama
    Steam Name :Jovi

    ---The below list is an excerpt from 2011---

    Shaun: Fallen_89
    Jeremy: the_kang_gow

    Michael Boey: inclyned1

    Jeremy: tehkang
    Shaun: Fa11enangel89

    League of Legends

    Jeremy: thekang
    Shaun: Fa11enangel
    Chuan Han: Glacier89
    Anthony: LovePhantom
    ---Tons of them unlisted---

    Audition SEA


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