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    Ok, so I glanced quickly at the member list and though it has been growing quickly with people interested, they've all been female. That means, the guys in the club are soon gonna be outnumbered 5 to 1 (Not that I have any problems with this). Just that I was assuming the membership would be more balanced between the sexes.

    Right so here's what I'm hoping would happen soon. Since we started the blog, I guess we should probably have a profile of the exco members, you know to get to know us more. Things are moving along quite well I must say. We've got a basic idea of how the meetings are gonna be carried out, I'm working on the rules now and theres been some discussion of how we can acquire funds.

    On a side note, we have a forum up for use of the club and some pics have been uploaded of the student week we had where some of our members put on a cosplay show. Pics can be found here : http://s420.photobucket.com/albums/pp288/photography-sim/Arts%20Festival%20Day%201/ . The forum, while still pretty empty, can be found here: http://amccsg.forumotion.net . I guess that's all I have today.




  • Club Startup at SIM

    So the club's just starting up and we've already gotten about 40 members. Hopefully we'll get to start our meetings up ASAP and to those who were there at the first meeting, the Exco would like to thank you for all your contributions.

    Next up, last Saturday's Cosplay event some of us attended was almost a complete bust. Alot of the good looking cosplayers weren't participating while some of those who did were simply awful. (For those who went, remember Ultraman?).

    I've also been thinking that we can use this blog as an avenue for us to post our reviews from the diff sections.



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