• Warning: This is a pure fiction of work. Any resemblance to characters and names are strictly coincidental.
    Once upon a time, there was an island surrounded by the sea of far far far away. 
     There are 4 big clans, living there were very individualistic and unique in various ways that they could not come in terms to build the island to one whole uni some country. The big four clans are known as Ani Clan, Cos Clan, Maga Clan and Comi Clan. However that was only until King Elbert and his loyal subjects appeared in ED 209.

    King Elbert was not from the big four clans but from a small clan called Gam clan and so did his loyal comrades. They united all the clans and founded the Kingdom in the island which will be known as AMCC. After they founded the the kingdom, King Elbert married to   Queen HC,  previously she was the King's Hand. He announced his best friend Lord Brandon as Crown Prince, followed by the Minister of Treasure Milady Kim and Minister of Costumes Milady Daph. Though there were some problems ruling the newly founded Kingdom, they were doing fine until they got the letter of invitation from The World Government AKA SIM. 

    In the letter, for the World Government to acknowledge the Kingdom, they must participate in the CCA world event every ED for the sake of the world. It is a compulsory for all the countries, failure to do so will result in Abolishing the Kingdom. Therefore, the King has to choose the group of warriors to send them to participate in the world event. And that was when the story of a true heroine who will later be known as Legend, ....begins.
                                                                                                                                      To be continued....    


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