• Anthony's Jpop Recommendations: Valentine Special

    Happy Singles' Awareness Day 2013!

    14th of February is just a normal day for most of us, but for some of them hitched people, Valentine's Day is a special day where you express your love for each other.
    And for the rest of the world who are actually conscious about it, 14th of February is deemed to be a Singles' Awareness Day, where the singles lamented their singleness, and on more extreme cases, cursing those who can circle their arms around the waist of their significant other.

    So happy valentine for our club members who already have your own sweetheart, and for those who are still single -including me lol-, we can also play our part on celebrating this diabetic chockfull chocolate day by obviously eating lots of discounted delicious chocolates.

    "but Anthony, when will you get your own valentine?"

    When I can get Choi Sooyoung all for myself muhahahhahahahahahahahahahahahah

    "GEE" - SNSD

    NO, NO BUTS.

    "Might as well stop being stubborn, I'm going to steer clear and go at it full speed
    With my pastel nails, natural makeup, and fluffy curls, you’ll start to fall for me

    Gee Gee Gee Gee Baby Baby Baby
    Gee Gee Gee Gee Baby Baby Baby

    "Say Yes" - Chage & Aska

    Ah, a classic! Undoubtedly one of the most popular Japanese love songs (welp the most popular is Hikki's "First Love" no contest) up to this date, Say Yes was a huge hit in the 90s.

    The song is based on the image of a marriage proposal. Suffice to say some weddings in Japan have played this song as a part or even the main theme of the ceremony.
    The lyrics depicts a marriage proposal.
    The couple is ready for everything, their bonds tempered with lovely memories and by overcoming various hardships. Ready to pledge his future with the girlfriend, the guy stepped up his game and proposed.

    "Just the two of us, we shall chase our dreams together, and live together forever 
    For one love, there's another to reciprocate, embrace it, so not to lose the touch of love we have now
    I will say this no matter how many times, I am sure you do love me
    Don't hesitate, SAY YES, don't hesitate"

    "Jikan yo Tomare" - AZU feat. SEAMO (Itazura na Kiss)

    Translated to "Oh Time, Stop!", this is actually one of my lullaby songs, up with the likes of "Fields of Hope", "Garden of Everything", and "One Drop", but since today is valentine, I need to include this magnificent love song in this valentine special edition.

    The song depicts the wishful feelings of a couple, each wanting to stop time when they are both together.
    The guy, portrayed by SEAMO, thinks that 100 hours won't even fit in one day, that he wants to find all the good points of the girl.
    The girl, portrayed by AZU, relished their time together and wants time to stop, or if possible, teleports to tomorrow to meet up with the guy again.
    In the end, they both think that even if time won't stop, they will still be able to meet each other since they are destined to be together.

    The words I hide in my embarrassment, the moments when our eyes met, the time we spent together
    I wish they all had lasted longer
    You held my hand until you saw me off at the final train
    , that gentlemanly kindness makes me happy

    Every time, everyday, everything
    Even if I don't put it into words, you are my special person
    If I could be granted just one wish, Dear God, please stop time when we are alone together"

    "Suiheisen" - Inaba Koshi

    Damn youtube taking down videos. Here's a youku link instead

    Here's one for you heartbroken comrades who courageously confessed your loves but for some specific reasons, got softly rejected.
    This is so far the most beautiful heartbreak song I have ever heard in my life, and from my favorite singer on top of that!

    Suiheisen means "Horizon", the line that separates the ocean and the sky (Chiheisen, on the other hand, refers to the the horizon that separates the earth and the sky).
    It reflects the entirety of the song, so close yet so far, about a man who is unsure of his own fleeting Horizon-like feelings for a 'friend' of his, realized it in the end, and tries desperately to appeal to a girl who doesn't see him as any more than a friend.
    Yes, you read that right, this is a song about the dreadful Friendzone
    The entire song is full of mindblowing metaphors that depicts how the guy and the girl experienced joy together and sometimes clashed with each other, all of it helped the guy to realize how he has fallen for the girl, and how the Horizon will always stay flat in the end, eternally separating the sky from the blue ocean.

    "Please, don't go anywhere, you, whom I need to discover mine important feelings with
    'tis too sad, and too heavy a burden for me, this sweet scent of 'Friendship'
    Sit beside me and put on your smile, play along, pretend that you enjoy my boring chatters
    It's okay even if it's only in my dream, as long as I can be with you for just a little more time"

    "Valentine Kiss" - Iroha, Yukimame, Hinanata, Nanahira (Niconico Utaite)

    I swear valentine day is getting more dangerous for us siHHHNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH

    This is a diabetic cover on Kokusho Sayuri's original version, which was released more than 25 years ago, and is the most popular valentine song in Japan.
    I can't say much, my chest is in pain.

    "Valentine day kiss! With the taste of an adult"

    "Hysteric Moon" - Janne Da Arc

    But what is Valentine's day without some hot.... or not... stalking action?
    Here's a song dedicated to you stalkers, be it facebook or real life ones, keep up the good job.

    As I have said before, Hysteric Moon is a song about stalking... which some said to be the holy art of secretly protecting your beloved from afar, delivered as per usual Janne Da Arc's kickass pop rocking sound.
    The lyrics depicts the entirety of a stalker's mindset: Silently watching the victim and following his/her every movements, phoning the victim at midnight, having a secret wish to be found and hopefully for their feelings to reciprocate.
    Well, the ending can be interpreted as, the stalker finally broke inside the victim's house, implicitly raped him/her until the police finally came and arrested the stalker. What a bloody valentine *Mr.Bean*

    "Do you know why I don't need words anymore? It's because I understand everything about you now
    I’m right by your side so don’t be afraid, but I can only watch you from afar because I’m shy
    Amongst the crowd I found you, there are dangerous guys around, so I shall escort you silently
    If it’s for you, my beloved, I’ll fly through the skies
    Under the shining full moon, I shall dance with the god of death!"

    "Nukumori" - HOME MADE KAZOKU

    Another feelgood ballad by HMKu, translated to "Warmth".
    This song actually depicts the warmth of a mother, an endless love supporting your life journey.
    It can however, be applied to other precious people you have in your life.
    Be it your mother, family members, friends, boy/girlfriend, or even exes, be thankful for their warmth that have supported you to grow into a splendid person and treasure them always.

    There's a time in life when you feel lost and confused, bearing great sorrow, or feel like you are betrayed by love and thus incapable of loving someone. Most of the time you man it up and got up again strongly, but sometimes you just feel like you can't take it anymore.
    In such cases, it's okay to be meek and show your weakness, the warmth of your loved ones will always be there to save you from that cold darkness.

    "Hands intertwined, you passes on the warmth from your palms to me,
    "It's okay to be spoiled sometimes"

    you said, and I felt relieved hearing that
    In the middle of your simple kindness, that supporting warmth of yours silently spoke to me,
    "Nobody can replace you"
    with that I realized all of your affection for me

    Thank you, thank you for this indescribable warmth

    "Angel Voice" - Fukuyama Yoshiki & Ijima Mari (Macross Dynamite 7)

    Composed by maestro Kanno Yoko and sung by two of the greatest singing personas in the anime industry, Nekki Basara and Lynn Minmay, Angel Voice is unquestionably a masterpiece.
    Originally sung in solo by Fukuyama or Ijima only, this is an unofficial mashup where their vocals are mixed together and made the song ten times more epic.

    The song depicts the longing of a guy to meet his 'angel', whose voice is still ringing inside his heart.
    When he first laid his eyes on the divine angelic figure, his dream was to meet the angel again someday.
    Finally both of them have reunited, and even if they are to be separated again, the angel's image has been burned into his eyes so that he will never forget.

    "If you listen carefully you can probably hear it, yes that voice
    This feeling that can't be put into words, I always feel it, that's the voice of an angel
    Sparkling brightly beyond the horizon, your figure there wasn't a dream, at last the two of us finally meet
    I have engraved your appearance into my very eyes, so we can meet again even if I close my eyes
    I always hear it in my heart, that angel voice of yours"

    "Towa ni Tomo ni" - Kobukuro

    Another marriage themed song.
    Translated to "Together Forever", this is one of the most romantic Jpop song in existence and is used widely as marriage song even until now.
    Different from "Say Yes" above in which that song is a marriage proposal, "Towa ni Tomo ni" is a ceremonial theme where the marriage has actually took place.

    The lyrics mentioned that everything flows naturally, from the moment they met each other until both of them stood together on the altar. Even though they fought and bickered, it only strengthened their bonds and steeled their resolutions. The first bell has rung, the groom held the bride's hand with a serene calmness in his heart, and their new life together has just begun.

    "I didn't wear anything special, but you, dressed a bit grander than usual, look stunningly beautiful.
    I am always busy with something, so I don't have lots of memories with you,
    but finally, from now on, we can step forward to the future, the starting bell now echoes throughout this town.
    Walking together, Searching together, Laughing together, Taking vows together
    Feeling together, Deciding together, Crying together, Leaning against each other,
    Hugging each other, Getting lost together, Building together, Wishing together
    I shall paint those pictures of our days"

    "Ai no Bakudan" - B'z

    Literally translated to "Love Bomb", this song is popular circa 2005 for its catchy melody and easiness to cover, except for the vocal part, that is.
    There's a famous saying regarding this song right after its release: "It's a crime for a pair of 40 year old men to make a song as cheerful and as catchy as this"

    The song tells us to fight against the overwhelming hatred and jealousy in this world that has turned the people into ignorant masses full of negativity.
    Feeling depressed? Jealous? Short tempered? Always looking at the negative side of things? Fear not! Let's spread the love bombs and make the world a better place one smile at a time!

    "Today is yet another day in this imperfect world, even if you didn't cry, someone else did
    People have created an illusion of sorrow, the only thing that can change it is your pure smile

    Drop many more Love Bombs for me, right in the middle of this sleepless town 
    Scatter many more Love Bombs for me, into the pockets of people who passes by each other
    What we should be fighting now, with our hands raised, is the jealousy that has swallowed the world"

    In the end, Valentine's day is a happy day! Don't be jealous or depressed, just enjoy and join in the celebration!


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