• Clare's Top 5 Game songs

    Hi, I am Back to the blog again. Before i share about my favorite anime songs , I would like to share my favorite game songs as I have lots of anime songs I like and very hard for me to decide. 

    5. Sora no Kiseki FC / Hoshi no Arika
              The game is a normal rpg with anime style. It's not awesome or anything but I love the game and really longing for part 2 n part 3 in english version. The song is really matched with the story because of the lyrics. It really touched my heart after I played the game.

    4.  Tales of Vesperia / Ring a bell
           I'd never played the game until now but I love the song. So no comment about the game. However, I love the lyrics and music. 

    3. hack//G.U  / Gentle hands 
             I love this game so veryyyyyyyyyy much. I played all of hack//G.U series which is total of three. 
    Maybe the MC very similar to Sasuke from Naruto XDD. Its also rpg game and they have anime ova sequel of the game but only one so far :(. Enjoy the song. 

    2. Sora no Kiseki / Harmonia 
             I'm not sure why I like this song. I guess the lyrics also since i listen songs only if I like the lyrics and music. I love the singer voice and the way she sang also.

    1. Final Fantasy Type 0 / Zero

                 Do I even need to explain why I love this song? Its really one of the best game songs I've ever heard. I am so into the song and its awesome. I am not expert at music but one thing for sure is its really really nice song. And the characters and game play thumbs up. The story wise also quite different from usual rpg game. Go play the game and listen this song even nicer.

    This will be all for now. For my fav anime songs very hard for me. For me songs lyrics must be nice and the background music also must be good and the vocal also. If not then I normally don't listen. the song must touch my heart either rock or pop or punk. Hope you enjoy my post. See you again.


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