• Siling's Random~

    Siling here. Just a head's up, I'm not that much of a gamer, nor do I have the extensive anime network to actually share with everyone. So most of what I'll be putting here will be RANDOM STUFF.
    Well, now that the warning is given, here's what I heard about recently:

    Moving Neko(Cat) Ears!!!

    Everyone should know the infamous cat ears right? (Certain anime that I never remember the names...)
    Well, some japanese company actually made them!

    It's called necomini.
    It actually reacts whether you're concentrating (ears upright) or relaxed (ears down) or even both (moving)!
    Looks like cosplayers can use them now, too bad they're only out end of next year.

    Well, that's all for today's random stuff.
    Seeya =3


  • Mascots & Logos

    Hi all.
    Siling here. Sorry to take so long about putting them up, but here they are!
    Our logo and mascots!

    The demon is Yuu 悠, which should mean leisure.
    The angel is Ri 理, which is reason.
    Ultimately, our two mascots together show that we have a balance for our hobbies.
    Reasonable leisure. (We are still students after all =3)

    P.S. Yes, I understand riyuu 理由 (also means reason) together doesn't mean what I said above. But then, luckily they are two separate mascots, ne?


  • My view on Spring Season 2011

    This picture defines the Spring season for me =D
    Following in the footsteps of a really good winter season, the spring season did pale in comparison which was expected. However, there were a few diamonds amidst the junk and even a contender for anime of the season!!!! I still had Gosick to follow as well.
    My habit each season is to watch around 3-4 episodes of all the animes each season that appeal to me and thereafter decide on which is worth the time to follow. I hope my impression on the shows serve as a guidiance for recommendations for those who did not follow anime seasons closely due to:

    1)Preferring to watch animes all at once instead of weekly
    2)Awaiting recommendations
    3)Only watch Naruto/Bleach


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