• Siling's Top 5 AniSong


    I know I'm not exactly an active blogger but I just couldn't resist when there's the Top 5 AniSongs. =3
     Hehe, so here is my top 5 songs (at least on the actual songs played in the anime... My fav are mostly character songs... *Sobs*)


  • Anthony's Weekly Jpop Goodness: "Love Phantom"

    Song of the week: "Love Phantom" by B'z


    Again, I have not done anything for two weeks worth of Jpop reviews thanks to last week's AFA and the addicting Final Fantasy Reishiki. So I'll just slap in another one of my favorite songs here.

    In my Gaming Shit blogpost months ago, I mentioned that my IGN in various MMORPGs and other online games is LovePhantom.
    (Last used in Lucent Heart pre-OB, I'm currently not playing MMORPGs since I need to focus on this fucking final year)

    As you can clearly see, I got the name from one of B'z songs that is the catchiest, and undoubtedly one of the most memorable songs in Japanese music history.

    Released in 1995, "Love Phantom" became an instant hit in Japan and was popular among teenagers and adults alike.
    It was Japan's song of the year 1995, and was the number one song in Japanese karaokes for 2 years straight, 1995-1996.
    Like many other B'z mega hits, Love Phantom is now considered a real classic track, and there are still tons of vocalists challenging themselves by trying to sing it perfectly.
    Just look at the sheer number of Love Phantom-based AMVs. It is that fucking popular.

    In case if you are wondering, "Anthony, why did you choose a picture of Mio drenched in rain here?"
    This is the answer: B'z LIVE-GYM 2000, the legendary "Love Phantom" performance in the middle of a thunderstorm.


  • Anthony's Weekly Jpop Goodness: "FIREWORKS"

    Song of the week: "FIREWORKS" by EXILE


    Woops, I was carried away with the newly released Final Fantasy Reishiki and delayed writing this for three days. Oh well...

    Let's skip on my top 10 Jpop list because I want to introduce you to one of the catchiest Japanese songs I have ever heard in my whole life.
    It's EXILE's "FIREWORKS", no, Katy Perry is not Japanese.
    To be fair, every song that has a combination of fucking awesome shamisen and flute -or generally any traditional instruments- with modern genre of music such as RnB, has to be ungodly catchy.

    Also, Avex banned all full PVs of their artist in youtube, that's why you can only find short PVs there. I gave another link above so check that one out for the full version.

    "The Hurricane -FIREWORKS-" was released in summer 2009, and it was the second EXILE single after they merged with their brother group "J-soul Brothers", becoming a 14 member group. At that point of time, they managed to expand their repertoire by trying to include J Soul Brothers tendency to do more aggressive hip-hop songs and rap. FIREWORKS is one shining example.



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