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    Heya people,

    Our clubs blog is finally back!!!!!! To mark this occasion, the 2011 Exco have done a collaborative post of each of our Top 5 Anime of all time!!!!

    We noticed that the 1st thing many new members ask is "Hey, whats your favourite anime" plus the fact that i doubt any of us even know each others preferences, we felt this was the most ideal piece as our 1st post.

    For those whom are looking for recommendations on animes to watch, look no further, you will definatly find a comprehensive variety of animes here and a few are sure to suit your liking. Do note that each exco member has their own taste as well as style of writing. You will see some who feel a sentence or two is enough to convey their message, while others prefer an essay to express their views.

    We do hope you enjoy our 1st ever post! Love it? Hate it? Agree/Disagree with certain choices? Feel our choices are epic or that they fall flat? Feel you have your own hidden gems? Anyones taste is identical to yours?
    Do let us know by leaving your comments below. It will make us happy to know that people bother to even check what we post =)

    Do look foward to regular postings of articles on the blog. We will try our best to keep the blog regularly updated. If you are interseted in contributing your own articles/lists, do contact us and we will get back to you =D

    Without further ado, here are the Top 5 Animes!

    Top 5 Anime of all Time
    Zi Loong
    Eric Sung
    Ying Jie
    Anthony (Really really long. If you are lazy, there is a summary of each choice after the wall of text)

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    1. Even till now, I still think Anthony's top pick is a troll post.......

    2. All of u did a gd job.
      Shaun i also like u gd story line is above all other things and plus wht reali moves u. Not many shows can do like dat.

      anthony. i like higurashi cuz its totally changed my eyes. when i first watched its jz like some harem show but WTH its totally diff. n also Doraemon its jz gr8. I love it.

      YJ i love gintama code geass n natsume. both of us noe how gd they r.

      Eric. i dunno all the shows u mentioned except index. no comment

      siling also same i dunno all d shows u posted.

      Ziloong. hi 5 for baby beel one piece fairytail and deadman wonder land

    3. lmao it's not a troll post, I just really love doraemon

      but I did post it with another set of ridiculous 4 in a forum full of weeaboos for trolling purposes tho

    4. Clare, if thats the case, then Gintama should be NOWHERE near your top animes =p

      Other then my own list, i think Eric's list would be the next most identical to my taste. I enjoy all the shows on his list(except Strike WItches), especially Bakemonogatari and Nanoha.

      While compiling this list, what i find most amazing (other then a BL show being included) is that only one anime was repeated (TTGL) amongest us, showing how varied our taste are and that animes really do attract all kinds of different people.

    5. oiiiiiiiiiii. shaun u hvnt even watched gintama n dun critize it. watch d show and you wil understand, they got many short stories dat move you. of cuz we never show it in club cuz its not suited to watch together. Also its special in its own way. No romance no harem no fanservice npure comedy. plus they got some slice of life stories. i like they parodize all diff shows also.

      TTGL is nice n epic. d ending also perfect. I jz dun like my Kamina died so early. n make dat shota hero.

      my fav list is quite wide range. for romance i DO watch real drama n I thk they r not much diff from those korea n jap drama. so they not on my top list as they are not special.

      In anime i like those dat reali drama cannot do it one.

      Also BL are a lot more romantic than those harem or typical shoujo one. not all but some. Like i said story are better.

      Well i do understand for guys like to watch all cute girls shows and gals go for all guys show. but i different. i dun go for dat.

      After all everyone has diff taste. Gintama got many ep dat leave sth in my heart. n got comedy dat wil make me awake n some will make u rofl. some reali emo. I can say dat cuz i watch all ep.

      So shaun never judge a bk by its cover. k? :P:P:P

    6. Lol I think Gintama is 1 of the most suitable anime to watch together. At least there won't be any complaint of fanservice and BL. It's for people of all ages. We should have a Gintama marathon!

    7. Clare you and your spoilers for TTGL =/

    8. LOL Strike witches is awesome altho story is plain xD

      The reason it become my 5th is that simple tho~

      Clare, u should watch some, esp Bakemonogatari and Nanoha. they are like super awesome *_*

    9. Yes please watch Bakemonogatari and Nanoha. They have like 2 of the best female characters.


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