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    Eric Sung's Top 5 Anime of all Time

    5. Strike Witches

    501st Joint Fighter Wing ftw! Before 2008, I wasn't really an avid anime watcher, only following the hyped ones such as the legendary Gundam franchise. However, Strike Witches changes all. World War II, check. Dogfight, check (no inumimi joke intended). Girls with guns, check. All-star seiyuu + mahou shoujo too!
    Plot-wise, this anime is rather routine; one episode focusing on introduction, and the rest for the 11 casts before finally focusing on the ending. But they do bring some good laughs.

    p.s: say no to otokos, female harem lead ftw :p 

    4. Bakemonogatari

    I was never a fan of ghost and horror stories. Well actually, even until now. Except for this one Ghostory. Set in the modern world, the story talks about youkai (oddities) that exists in this world. One man, or I should say, half-vampire, are surrounded by people affected by those youkai and is trying to help them. That is why Bakemonogatari is separated to various arcs, each offering an unique perspectives to the characters and the world around them. The world is depicted differently (and beautifully) in every arc. True art, I can say.

    Prequel and sequel coming soon, will look forward for them~

    3. To Aru series

    One world. Two different, interconnected and epic anime at the same time! Not to mention, the unluckiest man on earth as a main character for both the series, trying to save the world with the cause of his unluckiness. No, this is not a comedy anime like many others with the good-for-nothing main characters. This is a serious (and rather sensitive considering Churches in Index) with a thick plot rarely found in most anime nowardays. Both Index and Railgun explains the scenes and the world in unique perspective, depending on which ones you watch first. Rather interesting, isn't it?

    2. Ore no Imouto Ga Konna Ni Kawaii Wake Ga Nai!

    Begging to differ, I won't treat this anime as a comedy anime like most of the people do. I am not trying to decipher any hidden meanings, but somehow, as any other slice of life anime which fail to make the list, applies to my life. Especially when you have some "emotional connections" to one of the characters.
    Not that I have a little sister like this  :p

     Personally, I don't like the True Route though. The storyline seems to deviate a lot, and it somehow looks like an entirely different anime already.

    1. Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha 1st + A's

    If I can really describe the anime atmosphere in one word, it's grey. Grey as in there's not really a single character on the anime that is pure evil. Each has their own motives, and they fight simply because the motive clash with each other. The two season's ending really conclude the episodes well, not to mention Lyrically excellent musics to fill the scene. Really a masterpiece.

    I won't really recommend StrikerS and the soon-adapted FORCE tho, with a massive decrease in plot.

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