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                 After King shaun n d rest had finished packing up, they went out to the central city to buy food supplies, potions and stuffs. When they reach to there, they met the 2 people who they have to avoid at all cost not to reveal their identity in public.   

    Dr: Crap, Of all people , we have to meet them this time. Wht should we do now?
    Ant: Should we go bak?
    Chahan: We come all the way here. Plus we got no time to spare. We r racing against time. 
    Shaun: Hmmm since these two cant see our faces, they will recognize us only if we speak. We will just have to do it discreetly then should be ok. 
    Chloe: Wait, who are these people, u guys talking about? 
    Dr: Its the two lady over there. Lady Sil from House of Tsundere, and Lady Yj from House of Fujoshi . Both of them were Council members till recently. They will sure recognize us. We better get our stuff quickly and get outta here ASAP. 
    Shaun: Ok lets get moving. Jer, give me the list of things we need to buy........ ....Jer...... Dat idiot, dun tell me he.....
    Jer: Ohhhh my beloved Goddess of Tsun , Lady Sil. How have you been? U left me alone with scumbag like shaun, I felt very hur. 
    Sil: Argh... Like I care. But What are you doing in a place like this wearing like that? Well, since its u, prob up to sth nth bad again. 
    Jer: Oh yeah. Crap. I blew it off. 
      Jer looked at shaun n d rest for help wit little puppy eyes. 
    Dr: There goes our plan of disguising.
    Chahan: No choice in thinking abt it now. Since Jer is a sucker to tsundere. 
    Ant: W8 a min. Jz a few mins ago he was heartbroken for Lady M, wasnt he?
    Shaun: A true man never dwell in the past and always move forward. 
    Chloe: It wasnt even that long to call it past. 
    Shaun: A true man  always know when to give up and to move on. 
    Chloe: R u serious? 
    Shaun: A tru...
    Chloe: I get it. lets go over to them before others aware of ur presence.  
    Since their cover blew up. they went to see the 2 lady and brought them back to chloe house to explain everythg.
    YJ: I see. Why u all nvr told me abt this? I would be gladly to help u all out by tagging along. 
    Dr: Dun tell me u2 are coming along wit us???
    Sil: Ittt its not like I wanna go with u guys or sth like that. It jz dat now dat I m NEET atm and I m bored. Du dun get the wrong idea k?
    Jer: There comes our usual lady tsun tsun. 
    Sil: U seriously wanna get my special attack. 
     Tsun Lday sil's special attack is to throw tennis ball when she is pissed. Why tennis ball, u asked? Well, she love the Idol group called POT a lot and somehow throwing tennis ball. 
    Shaun: I still havnt decided dat u2 can join us or not. The trip is tough for ladies to tag along. 
    YJ: heh .... even if i tell u that we r still in touch with legend untill recently. 
    Everyone: !!!!!! Wht!!!! Tell us that first. 
    YJ: Well, I dun mind saying unless u let us join. We will be helpful than those baka around u. 
    Shaun: Tch.. I should have known. 
     YJ's special ability: always have some info from somewhere abt something for someone. 
    Dr: We got no choice then.
    Jer: Yes. Now I can haras... I mean protect my lady tsun. (Grinning)...
    Sil: Tch.. 
    Jer: Ouch... Tennis ball??? 
    Shaun: Let us hear then. 

    YJ: Well, we r still in touch even after she left the kingdom by twitttting. I know that she has been backpacking and  finding myth balls to grant her wish. Since she is direction idiot, prob lost her way most of the time. But since this kidnapping case started, I lost contact wit her. I saw her tweet abt goin to new world and find children or sth. 
    Ant: Jz as we thought, she must be in the new world. 
    Chloe: Mind if i interrupted. Why aren't u2 saying anythg like legend wont do things like this or sth? Is it only me? U2 aren't doubting at all. 
    YJ & Sil: Well, we are not 100% sure but she must be involved in this case one way or another. Thats wht we believed though. But She can be scary when it comes to cute babies and kids.  
    Chahan: So whts d plan now? 
    YJ: I suggest we should find the people she worked with b4 or who knows her trail cuz its been sometime, she might changed into a diff person now. LOL 
    Ant: I doubt that she will have long hair and sexy body. 
    Chahan: U dun say!  
    Chloe: I do know a couple of people who might have info abt her. They are in the nxt town called Ulu.
    YJ: Sounds so creepy. 
    Shaun: Then lets move out. we wasted a lot of time aldy. 
    Ant: Since we got all necessary stuff. all we left to do is to choose job. 
    Dr: Huh?? Is this some kind of MMORPG ? 
    Jer: I be knight to protect my Tsun lady. 
    YJ: I wil be archer since i dun like sweating by running ard. 
    Sil: I b ......
    Jer: U should be Maido . I even got the costume for u. Its perfect...
    Jer: Arghhhhh.. my tama..... (jer is drop dead atm)
    Shaun: Jer....May u rest in peace. We wont forget ur sacrifice.  
    Chahan: Sorry to disappoint u. He still alive.  
    Chloe: U guys seriously need to stop fooling around. Ant, go get the horses , Chahan carry jer, Shaun Dr grab all our stuff, yj n sil get me a map. 
    Chloe's specialty: In time of need, she will transform into a serious leader mode. but it will wear off in 3 mins as its too much for her to get serious like this. 
    Shaun: Hey I m supposed to be King. Why am I have to follow wht a mere reporter like u said?
    Chloe: A true man never whine and always a gentle man.
    Shaun: Isnt it diff ? 
    Ant: Shaun, u better do wht she said when she is in dat leader mode. If not sth bad will happen.
    Shaun: Whts gonna happen? 
    Ant: No one has live to tell that. 
    Shaun: *Gulp* Ok.
       Finally the party has started the journey. 
    Legend: I m supposed to be d heroine of this story and yet till chap 3, i still havnt appeared a single time. After all, I jz a side char wit no special trait .Mayb I should jz disappear. Sulking in d corner singing:
    you shoot me down, but I won't fall I am titanium 
     you shoot me down, but I won't fall I am titanium
    *sob sob sob*

                                                      To be Continued......


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