• List of Top 5 Animes of all Time!!!!!

    Heya people,

    Our clubs blog is finally back!!!!!! To mark this occasion, the 2011 Exco have done a collaborative post of each of our Top 5 Anime of all time!!!!

    We noticed that the 1st thing many new members ask is "Hey, whats your favourite anime" plus the fact that i doubt any of us even know each others preferences, we felt this was the most ideal piece as our 1st post.

    For those whom are looking for recommendations on animes to watch, look no further, you will definatly find a comprehensive variety of animes here and a few are sure to suit your liking. Do note that each exco member has their own taste as well as style of writing. You will see some who feel a sentence or two is enough to convey their message, while others prefer an essay to express their views.

    We do hope you enjoy our 1st ever post! Love it? Hate it? Agree/Disagree with certain choices? Feel our choices are epic or that they fall flat? Feel you have your own hidden gems? Anyones taste is identical to yours?
    Do let us know by leaving your comments below. It will make us happy to know that people bother to even check what we post =)


  • Shaun's Top 5 Anime of all Time

    Shaun's Top 5 Anime of all Time

    Before we dive into my list, a small disclaimer on my anime preferences. I prefer a good story above all else in an anime. If the action is good, the jokes are hilarious, the music is sexy, the animation is fap-able but the story is sub-par, it goes to my recycle bin.

    For my picks of Top 5 Anime, I do tend to favour shows that have plots I will never forget, heart wrenching stories that result in me thinking for hours or days about the ending, what others think about it, memorable characters and basically the feeling of  “wow, wth did I just watch! I can die happily now”.

    I also happen to prefer having an anime from each genre in my list. As you can see from the list, I prefer drama/romance shows compared to Action/Shonen and the likes. To me, comedies are great to watch and unwind and all, but they never, ever hit the heights of other genre as well as the criteria that I set for Top Animes.
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