• Clare's Top 5 Game songs

    Hi, I am Back to the blog again. Before i share about my favorite anime songs , I would like to share my favorite game songs as I have lots of anime songs I like and very hard for me to decide. 

    5. Sora no Kiseki FC / Hoshi no Arika
              The game is a normal rpg with anime style. It's not awesome or anything but I love the game and really longing for part 2 n part 3 in english version. The song is really matched with the story because of the lyrics. It really touched my heart after I played the game.

    4.  Tales of Vesperia / Ring a bell
           I'd never played the game until now but I love the song. So no comment about the game. However, I love the lyrics and music. 

    3. hack//G.U  / Gentle hands 
             I love this game so veryyyyyyyyyy much. I played all of hack//G.U series which is total of three. 
    Maybe the MC very similar to Sasuke from Naruto XDD. Its also rpg game and they have anime ova sequel of the game but only one so far :(. Enjoy the song. 

    2. Sora no Kiseki / Harmonia 
             I'm not sure why I like this song. I guess the lyrics also since i listen songs only if I like the lyrics and music. I love the singer voice and the way she sang also.

    1. Final Fantasy Type 0 / Zero

                 Do I even need to explain why I love this song? Its really one of the best game songs I've ever heard. I am so into the song and its awesome. I am not expert at music but one thing for sure is its really really nice song. And the characters and game play thumbs up. The story wise also quite different from usual rpg game. Go play the game and listen this song even nicer.

    This will be all for now. For my fav anime songs very hard for me. For me songs lyrics must be nice and the background music also must be good and the vocal also. If not then I normally don't listen. the song must touch my heart either rock or pop or punk. Hope you enjoy my post. See you again.


  • Siling's Top 5 AniSong


    I know I'm not exactly an active blogger but I just couldn't resist when there's the Top 5 AniSongs. =3
     Hehe, so here is my top 5 songs (at least on the actual songs played in the anime... My fav are mostly character songs... *Sobs*)


  • Anthony's Weekly Jpop Goodness: "Love Phantom"

    Song of the week: "Love Phantom" by B'z


    Again, I have not done anything for two weeks worth of Jpop reviews thanks to last week's AFA and the addicting Final Fantasy Reishiki. So I'll just slap in another one of my favorite songs here.

    In my Gaming Shit blogpost months ago, I mentioned that my IGN in various MMORPGs and other online games is LovePhantom.
    (Last used in Lucent Heart pre-OB, I'm currently not playing MMORPGs since I need to focus on this fucking final year)

    As you can clearly see, I got the name from one of B'z songs that is the catchiest, and undoubtedly one of the most memorable songs in Japanese music history.

    Released in 1995, "Love Phantom" became an instant hit in Japan and was popular among teenagers and adults alike.
    It was Japan's song of the year 1995, and was the number one song in Japanese karaokes for 2 years straight, 1995-1996.
    Like many other B'z mega hits, Love Phantom is now considered a real classic track, and there are still tons of vocalists challenging themselves by trying to sing it perfectly.
    Just look at the sheer number of Love Phantom-based AMVs. It is that fucking popular.

    In case if you are wondering, "Anthony, why did you choose a picture of Mio drenched in rain here?"
    This is the answer: B'z LIVE-GYM 2000, the legendary "Love Phantom" performance in the middle of a thunderstorm.


  • Anthony's Weekly Jpop Goodness: "FIREWORKS"

    Song of the week: "FIREWORKS" by EXILE


    Woops, I was carried away with the newly released Final Fantasy Reishiki and delayed writing this for three days. Oh well...

    Let's skip on my top 10 Jpop list because I want to introduce you to one of the catchiest Japanese songs I have ever heard in my whole life.
    It's EXILE's "FIREWORKS", no, Katy Perry is not Japanese.
    To be fair, every song that has a combination of fucking awesome shamisen and flute -or generally any traditional instruments- with modern genre of music such as RnB, has to be ungodly catchy.

    Also, Avex banned all full PVs of their artist in youtube, that's why you can only find short PVs there. I gave another link above so check that one out for the full version.

    "The Hurricane -FIREWORKS-" was released in summer 2009, and it was the second EXILE single after they merged with their brother group "J-soul Brothers", becoming a 14 member group. At that point of time, they managed to expand their repertoire by trying to include J Soul Brothers tendency to do more aggressive hip-hop songs and rap. FIREWORKS is one shining example.



  • Anthony's Weekly Jpop Goodness: "Believer"

    Song of the week: "Believer" by BACK-ON


    On to the 2nd in my top 10 Jpop list, we have "Believer", one of the most underrated songs from one of the most underrated bands in today's mainstream Jpop. I can't find any stereo version of this song in youtube, and I'm so lazy to upload mine (lol it's in my HDD and my HDD is really far from me now and I'm currently enjoying my time on the couch) so please bear with it.

    "Believer" is the B-side of "Chain", BACK-ON's major debut single in 2006 that was used as the first opening theme of Air Gear's anime.
    Until now, I still think it should be a double A-side single, or even better, Believer should be used as Air Gear's OP and the single's A-side and instead of Chain!

    Never mind the video tagline, Believer was never used as Air-Gear themesong.


  • Anthony's Weekly Jpop Goodness: "DANGAN"

    Song of the week: "DANGAN" by B'z

    Anthony returns with a weekly Jpop review. There will be a certain Japanese song covered every week with a short review, lyrics and translation.


    If you have read my previous Q&A corner "Jpop Shit", you would know by now that B'z is my favorite artist.
    In the top 10 list that I have made back then, the number one song was titled "DANGAN", or "Bullet" in English.

    Released in 2007 in a special Extended Play album, "DANGAN" (first video) is a remake of the 1998 "Samayoeru Aoi Dangan" / Wandering Blue Bullet (second video) with more emphasis on rock instead of synth works.


  • Student Week 2011 Epilogue

    AMCC's booth for Student Week 2011 was a huge success. Our booth had effectively the most club members coming down to support and help out. For many, i am also sure we had the most outstanding booth and this would not have been possible without everyones support.

    Here is a big thank you to everyone, both members and random passer-bys, whom dropped by our booth and visited during Student Week!!




  • Anthony's top 5 AniSong

    Here's a little rant before I start this post....

    Seriously, what the fuck happened to anime music nowadays? Is this the so-called devolution?
    I'm not saying that anime music past 2008 sucks, it's just that there are too many corny female songs and shit they don't pay attention to the overall balance of the music anymore, just haremhamrehamreaharemmoemeomoemeomoebllaaaaaaaaargh
    and hundreds of punk rock bands were asked to do anime songs? Yeah right...


  • Eric's Top 5 AniSong

    This blog entry is... more difficult than the 1st, I must say. I'm an anison fan myself, and listing 5 is just too much. Therefore the ones chosen here are mostly the ones that touches my heart more than the ear. Let the countdown begins!


  • Student Week 2011

    The Anime and Gaming club would be having our Recruitment Booth, a Gaming Exhibition as well as assisiting in the Food Fest as Butlers/Maids during SIM Student Week 2011. Details are as follows:

    Date: 26-28 September 2011(Recruitment/Gaming Exhibition)
              26-30 September 2011 (Food Fest)

    Timing: 1000hrs-1600hrs

    Location: New Building Level 1 (Outside Student Lifestlye's Office)

    Members who would like to officially help out (Read: Have this appear on your testimonial when you graduate) and are able to commit at least 3 hrs on any day, do drop an email to amccsg@gmail.com and we would register you the event. For the rest, do feel free to drop by ad-hoc to support us =)

    Look forward to seeing everyone next week!


  • Siling's Random~

    Siling here. Just a head's up, I'm not that much of a gamer, nor do I have the extensive anime network to actually share with everyone. So most of what I'll be putting here will be RANDOM STUFF.
    Well, now that the warning is given, here's what I heard about recently:

    Moving Neko(Cat) Ears!!!

    Everyone should know the infamous cat ears right? (Certain anime that I never remember the names...)
    Well, some japanese company actually made them!

    It's called necomini.
    It actually reacts whether you're concentrating (ears upright) or relaxed (ears down) or even both (moving)!
    Looks like cosplayers can use them now, too bad they're only out end of next year.

    Well, that's all for today's random stuff.
    Seeya =3


  • Mascots & Logos

    Hi all.
    Siling here. Sorry to take so long about putting them up, but here they are!
    Our logo and mascots!

    The demon is Yuu 悠, which should mean leisure.
    The angel is Ri 理, which is reason.
    Ultimately, our two mascots together show that we have a balance for our hobbies.
    Reasonable leisure. (We are still students after all =3)

    P.S. Yes, I understand riyuu 理由 (also means reason) together doesn't mean what I said above. But then, luckily they are two separate mascots, ne?


  • My view on Spring Season 2011

    This picture defines the Spring season for me =D
    Following in the footsteps of a really good winter season, the spring season did pale in comparison which was expected. However, there were a few diamonds amidst the junk and even a contender for anime of the season!!!! I still had Gosick to follow as well.
    My habit each season is to watch around 3-4 episodes of all the animes each season that appeal to me and thereafter decide on which is worth the time to follow. I hope my impression on the shows serve as a guidiance for recommendations for those who did not follow anime seasons closely due to:

    1)Preferring to watch animes all at once instead of weekly
    2)Awaiting recommendations
    3)Only watch Naruto/Bleach


  • Shine Youth Festival Parade

    Good Day,

    Some AMCC members will be cosplaying at the upcoming Shine Festival Cosmo Youth Parade this Saturday (2nd July) which starts at 5pm. The venue would start at Orchard Central and all cosplayers would make their way to *Scape. More details can be found at http://www.mascotparade.org/

    Those whom are interested to come and lend support or just look at cosplays can contact me if you guys want to meet up.

    Thanks and happy holidays.



  • Clare's Top 5 Shows

    I have many shows that I like, so its kinda hard for me to rank the top 5 only. So, I will contribute my all time favorite. I like fairytail, onepiece, honey & clover, code geass, sailormoon, natsume yuujincho, FMA, Monster, wagamama fairy mirumo and hellsing. But they not in my top 5. but in my top 10.



  • List of Top 5 Animes of all Time!!!!!

    Heya people,

    Our clubs blog is finally back!!!!!! To mark this occasion, the 2011 Exco have done a collaborative post of each of our Top 5 Anime of all time!!!!

    We noticed that the 1st thing many new members ask is "Hey, whats your favourite anime" plus the fact that i doubt any of us even know each others preferences, we felt this was the most ideal piece as our 1st post.

    For those whom are looking for recommendations on animes to watch, look no further, you will definatly find a comprehensive variety of animes here and a few are sure to suit your liking. Do note that each exco member has their own taste as well as style of writing. You will see some who feel a sentence or two is enough to convey their message, while others prefer an essay to express their views.

    We do hope you enjoy our 1st ever post! Love it? Hate it? Agree/Disagree with certain choices? Feel our choices are epic or that they fall flat? Feel you have your own hidden gems? Anyones taste is identical to yours?
    Do let us know by leaving your comments below. It will make us happy to know that people bother to even check what we post =)


  • Shaun's Top 5 Anime of all Time

    Shaun's Top 5 Anime of all Time

    Before we dive into my list, a small disclaimer on my anime preferences. I prefer a good story above all else in an anime. If the action is good, the jokes are hilarious, the music is sexy, the animation is fap-able but the story is sub-par, it goes to my recycle bin.

    For my picks of Top 5 Anime, I do tend to favour shows that have plots I will never forget, heart wrenching stories that result in me thinking for hours or days about the ending, what others think about it, memorable characters and basically the feeling of  “wow, wth did I just watch! I can die happily now”.

    I also happen to prefer having an anime from each genre in my list. As you can see from the list, I prefer drama/romance shows compared to Action/Shonen and the likes. To me, comedies are great to watch and unwind and all, but they never, ever hit the heights of other genre as well as the criteria that I set for Top Animes.
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