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    I know I'm not exactly an active blogger but I just couldn't resist when there's the Top 5 AniSongs. =3
     Hehe, so here is my top 5 songs (at least on the actual songs played in the anime... My fav are mostly character songs... *Sobs*)

    Counting backwards: Number 5 is~
    Wonderful Days (PoT 7th Ending song, yes Prince of tennis!)

    Haha, it's got a real good beat and definitely one of my to-loop songs. =3 And no, it's not just because its my favourite anime.

    Okay, so for those who don't really like PoT (*gasps* o.O), the next 3 songs aren't, so chill, chill. Number 4 on the list is~ Over the Sky (Last exile Ending song).

    The show itself can be considered a classic, and this song just match it so well that you must at least hear it once (and watch the anime while you're at it.)

    Number 3, another soft song is~ Laura Seirei no Uta (Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica Insert song)

    Okay, I got hooked by the song itself first because it sounds so lovely, and after I found the lyrics, wham! It's in my favourites. =P

    Next up, number 2 (also another soft song, again) is~ Song of Eternal Diva (Prof Layton movie - The Eternal Diva)

    Okay, maybe only puzzle lovers (Prof Layton is a puzzle game...) will know about this, but the orchestra and the voice are so beautiful that well, anyone who have trouble sleeping can try listening to this. =D

    And finally, Number 1~
    White Line (PoT 4th Ending Song)!

    Yay, back to PoT =3. This, I admit is because of my fav character, Tezuka haha. But in any case, Aozu songs (the group of Tezuka, Ooishi, Fuji and Echizen) are nice, so search through youtube if anyone's curious.

    That's all folks! ^.^

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    1. The percentage of PoT songs appearing on Siling's list is 100%~

    2. I really like your no.3 nvr heard b4 but its damn nice. thumbs up. Xd


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