• Student Week Photo

    Student Week photos are out on Facebook!

    Not all are uploaded yet...But here are some to whet your appetite first :)

    I'll upload the rest by tomorrow...so stay tuned~

    Hui Ching

    P.S. I've ran into some problems while uploading the photos on Facebook and now, there are duplicates. I'll remove them and get all photos uploaded nicely tomorrow.


  • Student Week Activities

    Hi Everyone,

    Next week is Student week and so there will not be any official meeting.

    Feel free to drop by our AMCC booth (near the lifts!) and please join us in our activities and come support our club!

    Student week activities are open to members and non-members, so bring your friends along to have fun. =)

    Here is AMCC's activity line up for student week:

    Tuesday 22 September
    Videogame Competition - Link's Crossbow Training
    Venue: Rm 1.06
    Time: 1pm-4pm
    Prizes: Top 3 winners get CaptiaLand Vouchers! 1st Prize - $50, 2nd Prize - $30, 3rd Prize - $20.

    Wednesday 23 September
    Videogame Competition - Geometry Wars 2
    Venue: LT 3.21
    Time: 1pm-4pm
    Prizes: Top 3 winners get CaptiaLand Vouchers! 1st Prize - $50, 2nd Prize - $30, 3rd Prize - $20.

    Thursday 24 September
    Cosplay Stage Parade Day 1
    Venue: Atrium
    Time: 1.20pm-1.30pm
    Cosplay characters from Star Wars, Tsubasa Chronicle, Bleach, Xxxholic

    Friday 25 September
    AMCC Student Week Open House
    Venue: LT 4.06
    Time & Activities: Whole day, Guitar Hero World Tour! Street Fighter II Animated Movie from 1pm-2.30pm.

    Cosplay Stage Parade Day 2
    Venue: Atrium
    Time: 2pm-2.10pm
    Venue: Atrium
    Cosplay characters from Star Wars, Samurai Champloo, Bleach, Naruto Shippuden

    Note: We also have a new Anime review up on our Member Content Blog. Check it out here!


  • Games Convention Asia 2009

    Hi Everyone,

    Just to let you all know, the Games Convention Asia will be held at Suntec Convention Centre, from September 17-20 2009.

    The club will not be organizing an outing for this event, but you can go on down and take a look if you are free. There is a cosplay competition on Sunday, 20 September.

    More details at this website: http://www.gc-asia.sg/



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