• Anthony's Jpop Recommendations: Christmas Special

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2013!

    At the time this post is being written, it is nighttime, 25th of December 2012, and Anthony is enjoying his year end holiday away from Singapore.
    But fret not! For Anthony is always with you guys in spirit to celebrate this wondrous occasion that is Christmas and New Year!

    Here is a compilation of Japanese Christmas themed songs for your listening pleasure:

    "Hurry Xmas" - L'arc en Ciel

    A really happy and joyful Christmas song, my top choice for this list.
    This song depicts a happy couple spending their time on a happy Christmas season, impatiently waiting for Christmas eve to come so they can party all the night and celebrate their love.
    The joy and energy of Christmas permeates in every tone and syllables of this swinging rock n' roll, such fun!
    "Thank you, Jesus!" Thank you Hyde and Tetsu for composing this wonderful song!

    "I'll steal the night sky and light the candles, I'll keep her present hidden for the moment 
    There are stars in those beloved eyes of hers, will she be happy?
    These glasses are starting to get full with bursting sweetness, SO SWEET!

    Come on, the party is starting, come on music!"

    "Itsuka no Merry Christmas" - B'z

    If "Hurry Xmas" depicts a scene of celebration and jubilation, this song portrays a melancholic and romantic side of Christmas, a favorite Christmas choice for the Japanese since 1992.
    Gackt, being a fan of B'z himself, has so far covered this song in Christmas TV specials with Namie Amuro and Ayumi.
    This ballad depicts a romance story on a certain Christmas in the past.
    The romantic melody and vivid storytelling of the lyrics easily captures the heart of listeners worldwide, and the heartwrenching last sentence totally sealed the deal.
    A 1998 acoustic version featuring Inaba's more developed voice can be found here.

    "Watching the candles light up our room, I said, "Let's never, ever be parted"
    Before long, I found myself in tears, without even knowing why

    Standing on the street now, the one beside me is just an after image of people passing by quickly
    All of them hugging their presents with such happy faces"

    "Christmas" - Judy and Mary

    Judy and Mary hits it home with this heartwarming rock number.
    The melody and Yuki's bratty vocal is always guaranteed to pop a smile on your face.
    The song tells you a girl's wish to be with his beloved for Christmas.
    Meeting Santa inside her dream, she wishes, "Instead of luxurious sparkles, give me my most precious person"
    Spending the white Christmas eve, praying together just she and her boyfriend.

    "I have something that I want no matter what for this Christmas baby
    It's not a diamond wrapped in red ribbons
    Light a fire to that candle and enjoy the eve with me together 
    Merry Xmas for just the two of us 
    Stay beside me until I open my eyes"

    "Holy Night" - Kugimiya Rie, Kitamura Eri (Toradora!)

    Here's one anisong representative, a Christmas song from Tenori Taiga and my favorite girl Ami-chan!
    They are here to brighten your mood with their cute vocals!
    You don't need to be an expert in Japanese to understand the lyrics, it's pretty basic really.
    "Saa Christmas! Ippai no egao!"

    "Christmas this year is a little special, even if it’s not a white Christmas
    It will definitely be a special night, a lonely Christmas will be boring
    Illumination of the stars, look at them piling up on the ground
    I vow to you on this holy holy night"

    "Juunigatsu no Love Song" - GACKT

    Translated to "December's Love Song", Gackt sends shiver down your spine with this uplifting Christmas track.
    This song is actually meant to be a song about world peace and harmony.
    As seen from the PV, Gackt made this as a tribute to the 9/11 WTC tragedy victims.
    The lyrics is all about love and overflowing romantic feelings in the Christmas season, but if you see it in a more general way, the words can also be applied for friends and family.
    Truly a song about world peace, let's love each other and live in harmony forever.

    "As I gaze into the show window, I passed by so many couples holding each others' shoulders
    As I wait for you, I tried to place these thoughts into every white breath that leaves my lips

    Because you mean so much to me, don’t ever change, and keep on smiling
    Because I love you so, I’ll keep on holding on to you, only you"

    "White Love" - SPEED

    Ah, classic SPEED, the biggest girl group to hit Japan's music industry.
    This song is about how a girl treasures her newly forged relationship, how she misses her boyfriend dearly on nights when he doesn't call her, how she scribbles his initials all over her notebooks.
    Her love gives her unimaginable happiness, but the more happy she is, the more afraid she is of losing him.
    This anxiety powers her up to love him even more, creating an unending cycle of sorts.
    A recent live with the members all grown up (12 years gap) can be found here.

    "Like the light of the stars that go on forever
    I want to cover you with the love that fills my heart
    Our encounter, a gift from the angels
    Will fly through the air and keep sparkling forever"

    "Silver Town" - HOME MADE KAZOKU

    And now, for a more modern hip-hop take on the joys of Christmas.
    This is the first song that came to my mind when making this list, a typical HMKu's feelgood energetic rap music, with a Christmas twist to it.
    The song, especially the rap part, perfectly depicts the bustling and joyful city scenery in Christmas.
    Starting from how the town becomes suddenly bright after 5pm with lovers holding hands together, how the guy gets bored while waiting for his girlfriend in his car, to how he surprises her with a well hidden silver ring, all in a joyful scenery covered in snow.
    The only bad thing is that there are no higher quality versions in youtube, and my copy of this song is locked inside my currently spoiled HDD.

    "When the bell of happiness rings, the hands of two are intertwined, eyes locked at each other 
    I pulled your ear slightly, please listen carefully while I say those embarrassing three words to you.
    That stained glass is starting to shine just like this blushing December
    Careful about the people watching, the boyfriend gives a kiss
    And then, a whispered “Merry Christmas”

    "Winter Wish" - Yonekura Chihiro (Love Hina Christmas Special)

    Probably one of the best and most iconic anime Christmas songs, Winter Wish is sung by Yonekura Chihiro of Gundam 08th MS Team fame.
    Yonekura's crispy vocal goes hand in hand with the romantic melody, creating an anisong masterpiece that transcends time.
    The song depicts a romantic couple, their only wish is to be together forever always.
    As they hug each other, that warmth they are feeling is their winter wish.
    I don't know about you guys but this song makes me want to cuddle up with someone, a teddy bear will do perhaps.

    "The powdered snow that fell on my face turned into tears
    Stay by me forever, don't let go of my hand
    Shining stars in the winter sky wrapped around the both of us
    These white shoulders, this white breath, this is my winter wish I'm feeling with you"

    "A Christmas Song" - Monkey Majik, Oda Kazumasa

    When you see Oda Kazumasa and Monkey Majik in one sentence, both big names in the soft ballad world, you know you're in for an amazing treat.
    Released in December 5th this year, this very new Christmas track quickly proved itself to be a pleasurable song to listen to.
    The song depicts the solemn aspect of Christmas, a silent joy and fuzzy warm happiness.
    Spending the day with the people you hold dear, being grateful for all the blessings received throughout the years, praying for these peaceful days to continue forever.

    "As the sun sets, the street corners start to glitter
    People passed by each other with gentle smiles
    The fluttering snowflakes look like angels

    Tonight, the entire town is surrounded by happiness
    Overflowing with love, the sounds of the bell echoes gently in the night sky"

    "Can't Wait til Christmas" - Utada Hikaru

    A serene yet lighthearted love song from Hikki, delivered with piano and her ultrasonic relaxing voice.
    Unlike her usual style, Hikki's voice in this song is cuter and raspier.
    This song is about a girl who is waiting for a confession from a seemingly dense guy.
    The guy is gunning for her, but he doesn't know that the girl already has feelings for him.
    The girl knows that both of them has feelings for each other and is now waiting for the guy to actually ask her out, before Christmas comes perhaps.
    A bit of fun trivia, this song is best coupled with EXILE's entry below, "Yumemiru youna Christmas".

    "Don’t make me wait until Christmas
    The whole town is starting to fall in love with you
    Don’t put up your cool acts in front of me
    I’m already, ahh, loving you"

    "Snow Halation" - μ's (Love Live!)

    Yes, any decent Jpop list needs that certain bubblegum song that makes you scream, "MOEEEEEE!!!" or "Please be my waifuuuuu!"
    This song, as you can see from the PV, depicts the struggle of lovestruck girls on facing their own feelings, gathering their courage to confess to their crushes.
    The acoustic guitar actually caught me by surprise, it strangely fits really well with the overall composition.
    "Love Live!" is scheduled to air on TV this coming January, hopefully we can see the girls performing this number on the anime.
    On a side note, Umi-chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!! Eri-chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!!

    "From the first time we met, the melody of my heart has shouted a sign 
    Before I knew it, my true emotion had grown so large
    It’s painful only seeing it as a dream, the one I want to call my lover is you

    I don't want to be swayed and bewildered by those gentle eyes
    Take all my affection as it is all at once please!"

    "Yumemiru youna Christmas" - EXILE

    Translated to, "The Christmas you see in your dreams", this is one of EXILE's happier Christmas beats.
    The whole song is a freaking love confession and diabetic sweet wooing combined into one. 
    It all started with the guy giving his 'friend' a well prepared Christmas gift, and after the line, "First, I want you to listen to what I have to say", be prepared for a storm of embarrassing love serenade.
    Of course the story ends happily, with the two exchanging a small kiss under the night sky, officially becoming a couple.
    I think if you sing this as a confession, you can instantly melt them girls no wonder how ice cold their hearts are, of course, provided you can sing as good as Atsushi and Takahiro.

    "Even if there is sadness you can’t erase, even if you have an unforgettable pain
    If you leave it to me, I’ll definitely get rid of them for you
    Even if there is happiness you can't reach, even if there are past joys you can’t regain
    If you leave it to me, they will always be yours

    If you are to be mine, the Christmas you see in your dreams will surely be yours"

    "Winter, Again" - GLAY

    ... but of course! Your year end in Japan is not complete without this song.
    Now some of you who are familiar with GLAY might ask, "Why not "Time for Christmas"? Isn't it more befitting with the Christmas theme?"
    Simple, here's the answer: "Winter, Again" is one of GLAY's signature song, their best selling single which was 2000's Japan "Song of the Year". It is one of the best, if not the best, song from GLAY.
    The song depicts a guy who remembers his late lover whenever winter comes, his love for her frozen in time on a winter long ago. 
    Now he can't meet his lover again, but he still longs for her, their past together left an unerasable mark on his heart.
    A 2011 tribute version to Japan tsunami victims with piano intro can be found here.

    "Someday, I want the two of us to go back to the time when the snow started to fall
    I want to show you the whiteness of the town where I was born 

    I want to see you, I'm longing for you the more I remember the past
    In these cold nights I can still hear, the ringing of the bell in my heart"  

    "Christmas Eve" - Yamashita Tatsurou

    This is the so-called Japan's national Christmas carol.
    Since 1983, this song has been blaring throughout Japan's radio stations whenever Christmas comes.
    The lyrics is actually very simple, comprising of only 10 sentences, in which 4 of them are the chorus.
    The charm of this song comes from the catchy and happy melody, complete with powerful background vocals, something that can be said crazy awesome in 1983.
    An English version of the song can be found here.
    Also, 1:59, epicness ensues.

    "The rain, in this time of night, has changed into snow
    Surely you won't come, another Christmas Eve spent all alone
    Deep inside my heart, this hidden feeling of mine, will it be granted or will it not?
    This feeling of mine for you still won't disappear, it lingers around the night"

    "Shiroi Koibitotachi" - Kuwata Keisuke

    And now for the closing number, here's another popular Christmas song that is often repeated on radio stations all over Japan, brought to you by the soulful blues vocal of Kei-chan.
    The melody of this song is so melancholic yet so uplifting and romantic it simply grows on you, makes you want to take a girl by her hand and waist and proceed to dance slowly.
    It depicts a story of a guy who reminisced upon his past lover for one last time, shedding tears of goodbye, hoping that his lonely days will eventually pass and a new love to dawn upon him.
    This song has been covered by prolific vocalists like Hirai Ken and Shimizu Shota and even the super RnB group Boyz II Men, but still their voice profile can't perfectly grasp the soulful swing of the song like Kei-chan does.
    Too bad the epic PV is removed from youtube, except for this short version.

    "Outside, it’s cold enough to freeze a sigh, wind howls through the empty winter streets
    I’m at that *Akarenga station, waiting for someone who will never return

    Tonight I shall sing a tearful love serenade, it’s a love song that I still haven’t forgotten
    Snow, let me celebrate my love once more, grace this night of lonely tears with white love

    *Akarenga: Yokohama historical red brick building


  • Anthony's Weekly Jpop Goodness: "Raging River"

    Song of the week: "Raging River" by B'z

    Some of you have heard amazing songs that are mixes of epic orchestra ensemble and hard rock wailing guitar.
    and some of you may have thought, "HOLY SHIT THESE SONGS ARE SO FUCKING EPIC!"
    If so, you guys would definitely like this week's entry. Say hi to another addition to your epic song list, "Raging River".

    This is one of the most emotional songs I have ever heard.
    If you understand Japanese to a certain extent, it is very easy to depict the soulful and reflective lyrics into the calm, yet powerful and emotional music.
    If I have to use only one word to describe this song, it would be "SUBLIME".

    Released in the hard rock era of B'z (1998-2000), Raging River is a part of "ELEVEN", one of B'z heaviest hard-rock albums.

    "Raging River E. Style" (short English acoustic version)

    From the very start, the piano and violin have already made quite an impact, producing a calm and peaceful ambient. Followed soon thereafter by the acoustic guitar, which plays a very critical role here. It gives off a sad and lonely feeling to the entirety of the song.

    Inaba's vocal is, as usual, powerful and explosive. He delivered the song in a soulful way any other rock vocalists can only dream of.

    The reflective lyrics combined with the epic full orchestra melody gives off the image of a serene riverside on the mountains. Sudden heavy guitar shreds and change of tone in the lyrics on each chorus gives you the image of the wild raging river and the glorious struggle.

    Don't get me going on the guitar solo, the motherfucking guitar solo. Tak lived up to his name as one of the 3 Japanese guitar legends and Grammy Award winner. Solo starts at 4:02

    The lyrics is one of the most motivational lyrics Inaba has ever written, this is certainly something seeing that B'z have their own star studded lyrics compendium.

    You can interpret the story like this:
    The writer is running away from his designated life. He has lived a bountiful and enjoyable life, accepting everything that comes before him, but now he longs for something that is missing in his life.
    He is now crossing the raging river, hoping to find that special something that would fill the gap in his soul, in the end of his journey.
    It is told that the writer sometimes misses his home, remembering his sweet memories, only to be swept away by the river and came back to the harsh reality, seasons passed by and the writer still continues his journey. You can relate this to "finding a path to reach enlightenment".
    The writer can only reach enlightenment after a lot of sacrifices, including the disappearing memories of his loved ones. You can relate this to "cleansing your soul". Wash away.

    and on the final chorus, the writer wishes good luck to those who also have yet to finish their journey, reminding himself that he still has a lot more to go, to cross that raging river.

    If this is not epic, I don't know what is. You can't even sing this bloody awesome song on karaoke sessions unless you want to rip your own vocal cord.


    Tsumetai kaze ga fuite, hitori tachidomaru
    Ukare sugita hibi ga itte, tsui ni michi wo miushinau
    Kono sai nigete shimaou, dare mo tomeya shinai yo
    Soredemo mae ni suzue motto, fumidasu ashi wa tsureteru

    Ima goro anata wa nani shiterundarou?
    Miageta sore wa itsumo mabushii BLUE...

    Yume wo egaite ita, sukoshi zutsu te ni iretekita
    Nani hitotsu ushinau mai to, itsu no manika obieteita

    Kono yo nageteku nara, oite yuku dake darou?
    Aruki hajimeta koro ni modoritai

    Dare ni mo iyase wa shinai, itami daite, tatakae
    Dare to mo wakachi aenai, itami daite, nemure...

    Yasashii hi wo abite, mata hitotsu hana wo hiraku
    Kazoe kirenu omoi ukabe, kisetsu wa hitasura nagareteru

    Subete ukeireru, yuuki ga hoshii
    Rikari are kuruu kawa wo ima watarou

    Dare ni mo iyase wa shinai, itami daite, tatakae
    Kaeranu monotachi ni te wo futte, jibun no tameni, mou ichido
    Itami daite, tatakae...


    In the midst of blowing cold wind, I am standing alone
    The floating images of the past days have started to disappear
    And next, I am losing the sight of my road
    Up until here I have run away, don't anyone stop me
    And then, I will keep on moving ahead, one step out and the other leg will follow

    I wonder what you are doing at this moment
    Whenever I look up what I see is always the blinding blue sky

    I painted my own dream, but my hand only did a small amount of it
    What is that one thing which is missing?
    Don't know since when I started to become anxious about it

    But if I keep grieving for this, I'm just gonna grow old, right?
    Since the start of my journey, this is the first time I feel like going home

    Stand up in the middle of the raging river, wash away, wash away
    Don't anyone come to heal me, I shall embrace this pain and fight on
    Struggle in the middle of the raging river, wash away, wash away
    Don't expect anyone to understand, I shall embrace this pain and sleep away

    Bathing in the gentle sun rays, yet another flower blooms open
    Counting the memories that float by, the season is flowing away

    I have always accepted everything that comes, but yet still I long for courage
    Therefore I am now crossing this madly raging river

    Stand up in the middle of the raging river, wash away, wash away
    Don't anyone come to heal me, I shall embrace this pain and fight on
    Struggle in the middle of the raging river, wash away, wash away
    I wave my hands to those who are not returning home, and for my own sake, one more time
    Wash away, wash away, wash away
    I shall embrace this pain and fight on...


  • Tales of AMCC, Chapter 3

                 After King shaun n d rest had finished packing up, they went out to the central city to buy food supplies, potions and stuffs. When they reach to there, they met the 2 people who they have to avoid at all cost not to reveal their identity in public.   

    Dr: Crap, Of all people , we have to meet them this time. Wht should we do now?
    Ant: Should we go bak?
    Chahan: We come all the way here. Plus we got no time to spare. We r racing against time. 
    Shaun: Hmmm since these two cant see our faces, they will recognize us only if we speak. We will just have to do it discreetly then should be ok. 
    Chloe: Wait, who are these people, u guys talking about? 
    Dr: Its the two lady over there. Lady Sil from House of Tsundere, and Lady Yj from House of Fujoshi . Both of them were Council members till recently. They will sure recognize us. We better get our stuff quickly and get outta here ASAP. 
    Shaun: Ok lets get moving. Jer, give me the list of things we need to buy........ ....Jer...... Dat idiot, dun tell me he.....
    Jer: Ohhhh my beloved Goddess of Tsun , Lady Sil. How have you been? U left me alone with scumbag like shaun, I felt very hur. 
    Sil: Argh... Like I care. But What are you doing in a place like this wearing like that? Well, since its u, prob up to sth nth bad again. 
    Jer: Oh yeah. Crap. I blew it off. 
      Jer looked at shaun n d rest for help wit little puppy eyes. 
    Dr: There goes our plan of disguising.
    Chahan: No choice in thinking abt it now. Since Jer is a sucker to tsundere. 
    Ant: W8 a min. Jz a few mins ago he was heartbroken for Lady M, wasnt he?
    Shaun: A true man never dwell in the past and always move forward. 
    Chloe: It wasnt even that long to call it past. 
    Shaun: A true man  always know when to give up and to move on. 
    Chloe: R u serious? 
    Shaun: A tru...
    Chloe: I get it. lets go over to them before others aware of ur presence.  
    Since their cover blew up. they went to see the 2 lady and brought them back to chloe house to explain everythg.
    YJ: I see. Why u all nvr told me abt this? I would be gladly to help u all out by tagging along. 
    Dr: Dun tell me u2 are coming along wit us???
    Sil: Ittt its not like I wanna go with u guys or sth like that. It jz dat now dat I m NEET atm and I m bored. Du dun get the wrong idea k?
    Jer: There comes our usual lady tsun tsun. 
    Sil: U seriously wanna get my special attack. 
     Tsun Lday sil's special attack is to throw tennis ball when she is pissed. Why tennis ball, u asked? Well, she love the Idol group called POT a lot and somehow throwing tennis ball. 
    Shaun: I still havnt decided dat u2 can join us or not. The trip is tough for ladies to tag along. 
    YJ: heh .... even if i tell u that we r still in touch with legend untill recently. 
    Everyone: !!!!!! Wht!!!! Tell us that first. 
    YJ: Well, I dun mind saying unless u let us join. We will be helpful than those baka around u. 
    Shaun: Tch.. I should have known. 
     YJ's special ability: always have some info from somewhere abt something for someone. 
    Dr: We got no choice then.
    Jer: Yes. Now I can haras... I mean protect my lady tsun. (Grinning)...
    Sil: Tch.. 
    Jer: Ouch... Tennis ball??? 
    Shaun: Let us hear then. 

    YJ: Well, we r still in touch even after she left the kingdom by twitttting. I know that she has been backpacking and  finding myth balls to grant her wish. Since she is direction idiot, prob lost her way most of the time. But since this kidnapping case started, I lost contact wit her. I saw her tweet abt goin to new world and find children or sth. 
    Ant: Jz as we thought, she must be in the new world. 
    Chloe: Mind if i interrupted. Why aren't u2 saying anythg like legend wont do things like this or sth? Is it only me? U2 aren't doubting at all. 
    YJ & Sil: Well, we are not 100% sure but she must be involved in this case one way or another. Thats wht we believed though. But She can be scary when it comes to cute babies and kids.  
    Chahan: So whts d plan now? 
    YJ: I suggest we should find the people she worked with b4 or who knows her trail cuz its been sometime, she might changed into a diff person now. LOL 
    Ant: I doubt that she will have long hair and sexy body. 
    Chahan: U dun say!  
    Chloe: I do know a couple of people who might have info abt her. They are in the nxt town called Ulu.
    YJ: Sounds so creepy. 
    Shaun: Then lets move out. we wasted a lot of time aldy. 
    Ant: Since we got all necessary stuff. all we left to do is to choose job. 
    Dr: Huh?? Is this some kind of MMORPG ? 
    Jer: I be knight to protect my Tsun lady. 
    YJ: I wil be archer since i dun like sweating by running ard. 
    Sil: I b ......
    Jer: U should be Maido . I even got the costume for u. Its perfect...
    Jer: Arghhhhh.. my tama..... (jer is drop dead atm)
    Shaun: Jer....May u rest in peace. We wont forget ur sacrifice.  
    Chahan: Sorry to disappoint u. He still alive.  
    Chloe: U guys seriously need to stop fooling around. Ant, go get the horses , Chahan carry jer, Shaun Dr grab all our stuff, yj n sil get me a map. 
    Chloe's specialty: In time of need, she will transform into a serious leader mode. but it will wear off in 3 mins as its too much for her to get serious like this. 
    Shaun: Hey I m supposed to be King. Why am I have to follow wht a mere reporter like u said?
    Chloe: A true man never whine and always a gentle man.
    Shaun: Isnt it diff ? 
    Ant: Shaun, u better do wht she said when she is in dat leader mode. If not sth bad will happen.
    Shaun: Whts gonna happen? 
    Ant: No one has live to tell that. 
    Shaun: *Gulp* Ok.
       Finally the party has started the journey. 
    Legend: I m supposed to be d heroine of this story and yet till chap 3, i still havnt appeared a single time. After all, I jz a side char wit no special trait .Mayb I should jz disappear. Sulking in d corner singing:
    you shoot me down, but I won't fall I am titanium 
     you shoot me down, but I won't fall I am titanium
    *sob sob sob*

                                                      To be Continued......


  • 10 Eurobeat/Trance anime-game song mixes that make good driving songs

    So I have been enjoying my time off in my hometown Jakarta last month and coincidentally, it was the Hari Raya festive season around then (Aidil Fitri for the culturally savvy).

    As Indonesia's only metropolis, Jakarta is crowded with kampong villagers from all over the country looking for "high-paying" jobs (read: unstable odd-jobs with an unstable monthly wage equivalent of SGD 300) so they can live better lives.
    Hectic is an understatement when it comes to Jakarta's street traffic.
    To give you a rough illustration, imagine three buses cramped in a small avenue in Little India, with motorcycles speeding up, blocking the ends of the road.
    You need to drive from your house maximum at 7AM to avoid traffic jams, and even without jams, you'll reach the office area at around 8.30AM (8 if you are not working in the prestigious yet bustling central area).
    And then there's the evening peak hours. If you leave your office at around 6-7PM, you would be reaching your home around 9 if you're lucky. If you're working overtime, leaving your office at around 10, the highways will be filled up with gigantic 6-8 wheelers and the traffic would not seem to budge, at all. Good luck.

    At least half of this traffic is generated from these kampong people, and it's certainly not a good idea to be on the road in peak hours, especially if you're not a native of Jakarta.

    Whenever Hari Raya season comes, these people travel back to their kampong to meet and greet their families and relatives (compare CNY).
    This phenomenon is what makes Jakarta the ideal city for sightseeing in this short period of time. The usual packed arteries and highways become empty and wide with less vehicles (emphasis on motorcycle) and almost no 6-8 wheelers.
    The streets at night were simply wonderful, similar to Singapore's night traffic, with freedom to swerve anywhere you want.

    Usually I am more fond of playing jazzy chill tracks while driving in the night, to compensate for the usual hectic traffic and create a more pleasant atmosphere inside the car.

    On the second night of Hari Raya however, an epiphany struck me while I was driving through Jakarta's empty highways,

    "Fuck, let's play some Eurobeat tracks and step on the gas like a motherfucker" 

     of course I was driving alone and my parents weren't in the car with me, else I would be disowned faster than you can spell "disown"

    So here's a list of anime-game song remixes that are suitable for your speeding pleasure, an assortment of Techno, Trance, and Eurobeat remixes.

    1. "God Knows" - Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu (Eurobeat)

    Vocalwise, this remix offers the beautiful vocal of the prolific utaite nayuta.
    Just listen to that swinging, lovely voice that is almost Hirano's equal. Goddamn it makes me ha...... ppy!

    2. "Last Impression" - Gundam Wing (Trance)

    As you know, "two-mix" is one of the early pillars of electronic music in Japan and was really popular in the mid 90s, especially for their involvement in the Gundam franchise with Gundam Wing.
    This trance take on the original techno-disco version is really impressive, cutting down the melancholic piano and amplifies the beats and wow-effects.

    3. "LION" - Macross Frontier (Speed Trance)

    I have to say that this version is on par or even better than the original.
    The original version had a rockish background and the beautiful vocals of May'n and Nakajima.
    This version however, has a faster tempo that provides a more intense background and a chorus that simply fills you with adrenaline.

    4. "Airman ga Taosenai" (Speed Trance)

    Ah, the ever famous "I Can't Defeat Airman". You can feel the frustration and tension from the music.
    Perfect song for making sharp turns without braking or speeding up in a cramped small street and all around frustrating your passengers, especially if your homies are in the car.
    Isn't it lovely to make them cuss "Goddammit Anthony I fucking saw a flash of my childhood memory!"
    and make them realize that their lives is in your hands?

    5. "LEVEL 5 Judgelight" - To Aru Kagaku no Railgun (Eurobeat)

    Actually, this Euro mix is not as intense as "Only My Railgun" by raptor32, but as you can see, raptor's final mixing is unclean even though the song has so much potential.
    As per my policy of featuring only one song from every title, I have to pick this over raptor's Only My Railgun.
    Before someone jumps in with, "but Beatcharger-san has also made an awesome eurobeat mix of judgelight!", let me remind you that we are using these tracks for driving, with your right foot glued to the gas pedal, of course we need tracks with crazy fast tempo!

    6. "Phantom Minds" - Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha Movie (Trance)

    This is pretty much the same as the LION trance mix above. This remix is on par or even better than the original Nana Mizuki version (inb4 Nana fans rage).
    Although it lacks Nana's amazing voice, the faster tempo gives you the adrenaline rush you need for speeding up on highways.

    7. m.o.v.e - "Gravity" (Euro-disco)

    This is undoubtedly my favorite song from m.o.v.e and I would be very orgasmic if they are to sing this on AFA next month.
    Gravity is a very unique song. The original version was done by a mishmash group "m.o.e.v" for an Initial D parody scene in a certain Lucky Star episode.
    m.o.v.e then followed up with their own mix of Gravity, which is this song.
    So it's a parody of a parody, get it? Yeah, this is some inception stuff.

    8. "Lunatic Paradise" - Izayoi Sakuya theme remix (Eurobeat)

    A remix of Sakuya's boss theme "Lunar Clock". This is pure Japanese Eurobeat material, comes in a pack with super hard Engrish.
    J-Euro differs a lot from normal Eurobeat in terms of lyrics.
    You see, the quick formula to determine the lyrics of a Eurobeat is to look for the words "Night", "Tonight", "Dance", "Baby", "Fire", words that European (mostly Italian) composers love to use in almost every existing Eurobeat tracks.
    Japanese composers on the other hand, misinterpret the cheesy and incoherent lyrics of Eurobeat (which was penned down by fluent English speakers) as gibberish, thus writing nonsensical and jumbled Engrish.

    9. "I'll Believe" - Shakugan no Shana III (Trance)

    The original version was, like usual ALTIMA style, a m.o.v.e inspired mixture of euro-disco.
    However, it had a fatal weakness in -a deliberately- improper mixing which leads to a low background volume (focusing on Maon's vocal), making the whole song less intense. Apparently it's not a case of audio quality difference, the background volume is just that damn low, and if you amplify it using audio softwares, you'll simply get the loudness effect and a poor quality song. If you are listening to the original version with an MP3 player that has 3D equalizer presets, by all means, use them.
    This trance remix not only has a faster tempo, it also amplifies the background music. Although the final mixing is a bit unclean, you can consider that the weak background problem has been eliminated.

    10. "TANK!" - Cowboy Bebop (Eurobeat)

    And the final track is TANK! a perfect song for you to speed up without an ounce of care.
    Sadly there are no Extended ParaParaMAX versions in youtube. I have the extended music file, but it's locked inside my spoiled hdd D:


  • Registration for AMCC Manga Workshop

    Hi Everyone,

    Have you ever wanted to be able to draw your favorite Anime or Manga Characters? Do you want a useful skill that can be used in future for your promotional materials?(posters, flyers, etc) Do you want to get better at drawing?

    SIM Anime & Gaming Club is proud to announce that we are organising a 4 day Basic Manga Workshop for SIM students!
    The workshop will be conducted by a professional Manga Trainer from renown Manga school TKGCC at an extremely discounted price. 
    The main focus of this workshop is to learn how to draw a proper manga character in a poster style format.

    This workshop is open to everyone, even to novices with little to no experience in drawing.

    To register, visit the following webpage and fill in your particulars! You will be updated once your registration is approved!


    Hurry and register, space is limited to only 20 students!

    Dates: Tuesdays (16, 23, 30 October & 6 November 2012)
    Time: 16-10-2012,Tue, Blk B, RM 2.34
               23-10-2012,Tue, Blk B, RM 2.34
               30-10-2012,Tue, Blk B, RM 2.34
               06-11-2012,Tue, Blk A, RM 2.09A
    Venue: SIM
    Cost: $10


  •            ED 212, after 3 decade since the kingdom have been founded,  one of the Tuesday morning. A group of people wearing a black cape, knocking at someone's door. Ding Dong......

    Jer: No one's at home i guess. 
    Dr: My information cannot be wrong, she should be in this house. 
    Shaun: Lets just break the door and see for ourselves.
    Chahan: Is that something a King who sneak out of the castle while neglecting his duties, should say???
    Shaun: I am here to protect the honor of our people and the Country's reputation and also.....
    Dr: Both of u shut up. sh...... 
    Jer: Someone is coming. 
     The door opens and they see the girl in pajama who looks like just wake up from bed.

    Girl: How can I help you?
    Shaun: Hi. We are umm looking for a girl called Chloe. Might you be by chance Chloe?
    Girl: No idea who that is. Sorry but u got the wrong place. 
    Dr: No way, my source cannot be wrong.
     The girl tried to close the door. but the man in cape stopped it.

     Guy in a cape: Hi Chloe, long time no see. ( He removed his cape and showed his face )
    Chloe: ...Ant???
    Ant: Lets go inside and talk. I think you prob know them once you see their face.
        They went inside to the house. and removed their cape. 

    Chloe: OMG. All hail AMCC. Forgive my insolence. (being frightened)
    Shaun: Nah. I cant do that. As a King, I have to punish you. (Grinning) 
    Dr: Stop scaring her. Its your fault for not showing your face. 
    Shaun: Ok ok. i get it. your punishment is to help us find a certain someone, you know who. 
    Chloe: ??? U cant mean HER right?

    Ant: Yep. HER who has been MIA since that incident in ED210. Until now, no one know her whereabouts. 
    Jer: AKA The legend.
    Chahan: I have no idea who this person you guys talking about? Can anyone explain me?

    Dr: Well, you are a new member of the council. It cant be helped that you don't know the incident happened which we called it "Missing Decade". Its an unspoken rule in the castle not to say a word about that case ever again. 

    Shaun: Thats gonna take us long time to tell you all this. So, we will cut it short. Chloe we want you to help us in finding HER. 
    Chloe: Why now?? She been missing for long time. 
    Ant: Its 'cuz of this recent news around the world. 
       He took out all the newspaper, article about the kidnapping case. 

    Chahan: Whats dat to do with finding HER?
    Chloe: I see. You aren't suggesting that SHE is the culprit. 
    Jer: We wouldn't wanna think so. However, if SHE is the culprit. 

    Shaun: Our country will be ruined. The legendary hero of the AMCC is actually kidnapping children around the world. Everything we built so far, will be vanished. and we cant let that happen. So, we gotta find her before the world government finds out about it. 

    Chloe: But how can you be so sure its HER doings. She wouldn't do something like this. Right? Hmmm Perhaps. Maybe she might if you really think about. 

    Ant: Come on. This case is so fishy. The kidnapper never asked for ransom or anything. And this many kids missing naturally. Prob She just thought ahh so cute. I wanna play with them fow awhile and then she gave the kids sweet and prob brought them to her place and since she is a Airhead, she couldn't recall where she picked them up and now she is branded as a criminal. End of story.  

    Dr: We need to find HER ASAP for our country's sake. Since you are a reporter and been close friend with her till she left, you can help us.

    Chloe: Ok. I might have an idea where to start with. Knowing her, if we go to this new world where all this happened, we might be able to find her. 
    Chahan: In the meantime, you will have to tell us about the incident happened in the missing decade. 

    Chloe: Since you guys are from the Rounds of Council, is it ok to go on a trip leaving everything behind?
    Shaun: Its ok. I am King, So, I can do whatever I want. I left all my works to my Hand Lady Char and Minister of Finance Lady Clover. They should be fine.

    Chloe: All the country's heads leaving all the works behind, this country will it be ok? 
    Jer: We will do the introduction then. I m Jer .General of the Army and member of the council.
    Dr: I am DR The crown prince even though me and the king are not related at all. 
    Ant: You already know me Former prince. 
    Chahan: I am the new council member and the name is Chahan. Minister of Foreign Affair. 

    Shaun: Well, I sure this will be a fun trip Especially for u 2 - Chahan and Jer. Haha Aren't I considerate. 
    Jer & Cha: Shuddup .
    Chloe: Am I missing something?

    Dr: Cha been in love with the Princess of Salsa, our neighbor country which is our rival as well and things aren't goin well these days. and for Jer well.... he got rejected when he hasnt even started anything yet. 

    Ant: Dr you are not in the position to talk about others. You and Girl A. Ahem Ahem. 
    Shaun: Ok enough with dat. I dun even have a story like you guys. I so EMO now. Let's prepare for the trip,Shall we?
                       Everyone laughed. and then they start packing up for the trip to find the Legend . 

                                       Legend: I totally lost my way. Where the hell is NEW WORLD. I just wanted to save the kids from the kidnapper and join straw hat crew to travel around the world for free. How come it turned out like this. wahhhhhh 

                                                                                                                               To Be Continued.....



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