• Anthony's Weekly Jpop Goodness: "Believer"

    Song of the week: "Believer" by BACK-ON


    On to the 2nd in my top 10 Jpop list, we have "Believer", one of the most underrated songs from one of the most underrated bands in today's mainstream Jpop. I can't find any stereo version of this song in youtube, and I'm so lazy to upload mine (lol it's in my HDD and my HDD is really far from me now and I'm currently enjoying my time on the couch) so please bear with it.

    "Believer" is the B-side of "Chain", BACK-ON's major debut single in 2006 that was used as the first opening theme of Air Gear's anime.
    Until now, I still think it should be a double A-side single, or even better, Believer should be used as Air Gear's OP and the single's A-side and instead of Chain!

    Never mind the video tagline, Believer was never used as Air-Gear themesong.


  • Anthony's Weekly Jpop Goodness: "DANGAN"

    Song of the week: "DANGAN" by B'z

    Anthony returns with a weekly Jpop review. There will be a certain Japanese song covered every week with a short review, lyrics and translation.


    If you have read my previous Q&A corner "Jpop Shit", you would know by now that B'z is my favorite artist.
    In the top 10 list that I have made back then, the number one song was titled "DANGAN", or "Bullet" in English.

    Released in 2007 in a special Extended Play album, "DANGAN" (first video) is a remake of the 1998 "Samayoeru Aoi Dangan" / Wandering Blue Bullet (second video) with more emphasis on rock instead of synth works.


  • Student Week 2011 Epilogue

    AMCC's booth for Student Week 2011 was a huge success. Our booth had effectively the most club members coming down to support and help out. For many, i am also sure we had the most outstanding booth and this would not have been possible without everyones support.

    Here is a big thank you to everyone, both members and random passer-bys, whom dropped by our booth and visited during Student Week!!



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