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    Hi Everyone,

    Have you ever wanted to be able to draw your favorite Anime or Manga Characters? Do you want a useful skill that can be used in future for your promotional materials?(posters, flyers, etc) Do you want to get better at drawing?

    SIM Anime & Gaming Club is proud to announce that we are organising a 4 day Basic Manga Workshop for SIM students!
    The workshop will be conducted by a professional Manga Trainer from renown Manga school TKGCC at an extremely discounted price. 
    The main focus of this workshop is to learn how to draw a proper manga character in a poster style format.

    This workshop is open to everyone, even to novices with little to no experience in drawing.

    To register, visit the following webpage and fill in your particulars! You will be updated once your registration is approved!


    Hurry and register, space is limited to only 20 students!

    Dates: Tuesdays (16, 23, 30 October & 6 November 2012)
    Time: 16-10-2012,Tue, Blk B, RM 2.34
               23-10-2012,Tue, Blk B, RM 2.34
               30-10-2012,Tue, Blk B, RM 2.34
               06-11-2012,Tue, Blk A, RM 2.09A
    Venue: SIM
    Cost: $10


  •            ED 212, after 3 decade since the kingdom have been founded,  one of the Tuesday morning. A group of people wearing a black cape, knocking at someone's door. Ding Dong......

    Jer: No one's at home i guess. 
    Dr: My information cannot be wrong, she should be in this house. 
    Shaun: Lets just break the door and see for ourselves.
    Chahan: Is that something a King who sneak out of the castle while neglecting his duties, should say???
    Shaun: I am here to protect the honor of our people and the Country's reputation and also.....
    Dr: Both of u shut up. sh...... 
    Jer: Someone is coming. 
     The door opens and they see the girl in pajama who looks like just wake up from bed.

    Girl: How can I help you?
    Shaun: Hi. We are umm looking for a girl called Chloe. Might you be by chance Chloe?
    Girl: No idea who that is. Sorry but u got the wrong place. 
    Dr: No way, my source cannot be wrong.
     The girl tried to close the door. but the man in cape stopped it.

     Guy in a cape: Hi Chloe, long time no see. ( He removed his cape and showed his face )
    Chloe: ...Ant???
    Ant: Lets go inside and talk. I think you prob know them once you see their face.
        They went inside to the house. and removed their cape. 

    Chloe: OMG. All hail AMCC. Forgive my insolence. (being frightened)
    Shaun: Nah. I cant do that. As a King, I have to punish you. (Grinning) 
    Dr: Stop scaring her. Its your fault for not showing your face. 
    Shaun: Ok ok. i get it. your punishment is to help us find a certain someone, you know who. 
    Chloe: ??? U cant mean HER right?

    Ant: Yep. HER who has been MIA since that incident in ED210. Until now, no one know her whereabouts. 
    Jer: AKA The legend.
    Chahan: I have no idea who this person you guys talking about? Can anyone explain me?

    Dr: Well, you are a new member of the council. It cant be helped that you don't know the incident happened which we called it "Missing Decade". Its an unspoken rule in the castle not to say a word about that case ever again. 

    Shaun: Thats gonna take us long time to tell you all this. So, we will cut it short. Chloe we want you to help us in finding HER. 
    Chloe: Why now?? She been missing for long time. 
    Ant: Its 'cuz of this recent news around the world. 
       He took out all the newspaper, article about the kidnapping case. 

    Chahan: Whats dat to do with finding HER?
    Chloe: I see. You aren't suggesting that SHE is the culprit. 
    Jer: We wouldn't wanna think so. However, if SHE is the culprit. 

    Shaun: Our country will be ruined. The legendary hero of the AMCC is actually kidnapping children around the world. Everything we built so far, will be vanished. and we cant let that happen. So, we gotta find her before the world government finds out about it. 

    Chloe: But how can you be so sure its HER doings. She wouldn't do something like this. Right? Hmmm Perhaps. Maybe she might if you really think about. 

    Ant: Come on. This case is so fishy. The kidnapper never asked for ransom or anything. And this many kids missing naturally. Prob She just thought ahh so cute. I wanna play with them fow awhile and then she gave the kids sweet and prob brought them to her place and since she is a Airhead, she couldn't recall where she picked them up and now she is branded as a criminal. End of story.  

    Dr: We need to find HER ASAP for our country's sake. Since you are a reporter and been close friend with her till she left, you can help us.

    Chloe: Ok. I might have an idea where to start with. Knowing her, if we go to this new world where all this happened, we might be able to find her. 
    Chahan: In the meantime, you will have to tell us about the incident happened in the missing decade. 

    Chloe: Since you guys are from the Rounds of Council, is it ok to go on a trip leaving everything behind?
    Shaun: Its ok. I am King, So, I can do whatever I want. I left all my works to my Hand Lady Char and Minister of Finance Lady Clover. They should be fine.

    Chloe: All the country's heads leaving all the works behind, this country will it be ok? 
    Jer: We will do the introduction then. I m Jer .General of the Army and member of the council.
    Dr: I am DR The crown prince even though me and the king are not related at all. 
    Ant: You already know me Former prince. 
    Chahan: I am the new council member and the name is Chahan. Minister of Foreign Affair. 

    Shaun: Well, I sure this will be a fun trip Especially for u 2 - Chahan and Jer. Haha Aren't I considerate. 
    Jer & Cha: Shuddup .
    Chloe: Am I missing something?

    Dr: Cha been in love with the Princess of Salsa, our neighbor country which is our rival as well and things aren't goin well these days. and for Jer well.... he got rejected when he hasnt even started anything yet. 

    Ant: Dr you are not in the position to talk about others. You and Girl A. Ahem Ahem. 
    Shaun: Ok enough with dat. I dun even have a story like you guys. I so EMO now. Let's prepare for the trip,Shall we?
                       Everyone laughed. and then they start packing up for the trip to find the Legend . 

                                       Legend: I totally lost my way. Where the hell is NEW WORLD. I just wanted to save the kids from the kidnapper and join straw hat crew to travel around the world for free. How come it turned out like this. wahhhhhh 

                                                                                                                               To Be Continued.....



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