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    Chris's list of Top 5 Anime songs (which seems to be a list of top 5 gundam anime song)

     5. Only My Railgun
    To Aru Kagaku no Railgun OP 1

    Yeah, i didnt watch the to aru series, but i find this song nice because of the artist

    4. Silent Voice

    Gundam ZZ OP2

    A sad song from Gundam ZZ series, which marks the turning point of the anime when major characters begins to get struck down

    3. Century Color
    Turn a Gundam OP2

    A song from Turn A Gundam series. i just like it because it has that epic feeling into it. Turn A Gundam is also underrated imo)

    2. Resolution
    Gundam X OP 2

    A song from Gundam X series, which gives it the epic vibe. Gundam X is underrated imo

    1. Ai Senshi / Soldier of Sorrow
    Mobile Suit Gundam

    When you talk about Gundam, you think about Char and Amuro. when you think about Char and Amuro, this song comes to mind, which triggers the start of Amuro becoming a NEWTYPE halfway through the original gundam series. it has two versions, sung by the original artist, Daisuke Inoue, and the remix done by Gackt.


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