• Posted by : AMCC Friday, November 21, 2008

    Hihi :]

    Just a little bit of updating on the progress and such.
    But before I start writing anything, all those belonging to the cosplay department, I request that you check back regularly for updates. Also, if you haven't added me on msn, here's my email. kirimasu@live.com.sg.

    I've always believed that a good crew does not only consist of the cosplayers; there are many things that go on in the backstages that really, not many people get to see in the photographs. So, we welcome anyone who is interested in joining us and/or sharing any related experience. This is because in future we will not only be going for events, we will hopefully also be having our own private shoots. If conditions permit. ;D

    Therefore, we'll be needing help in areas such as:
    Props and costumes
    Event Kakis

    EOY will be this coming 20 dec, correct me if I'm mistaken. >.<>So if you have already confirmed your character, please drop me an email to keep me informed, then maybe we could meet up on the day or go together. I was hoping that in future, we could all go as related characters from the same manga/anime! So I'm looking forward to the coming departmental meetings so we can discuss and get things sorted out early. For that, I'll need all crew members to let me know on which days of the week you'll be free.

    That's about it. xD
    I'll be heading down for AFA as well, so hope to see you guys there! n___n



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