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    Our club's cosplay department was not around until Exco 2012 founded the idea, and Exco 2013 decided to seriously invest into cosplay.
    The investment was worth it and the club's cosplay department has grown since then, attracting like-minded cosplayers, from beginners to those who have their own fanbase.

    As of 2015, Cosplay becomes one of our club's biggest strengths, with SIM being one of the few schools in Singapore that has set aside a special budget for cosplay.

    AMCC's vice president -later president- of Exco 2014, Evelia Tan (Evie), has won numerous accolades from singing and cosplay competitions before, and we are proud to announce that she is Singapore's representative for Tokyo Game Show 2015 Cosplay Project, up with numerous cosplayers from all over the world.

    Uta no Prince-sama Dance
    Cosfest Xmas 2014 (Day 2)
    Posted by Jay Lim on Monday, December 22, 2014
    Uta no Prince team performance at Cosfest Christmas 2014
    Shinomiya natsuki: Flight
    Tokiya ichinose: Anthony
    Ren jinguji: Jun Ting
    Ittoki otoya: Ryan
    Sho kurusu: Rebecca
    Hijirikawa masato: Kar Leong
    Thanks to Angela for being our manager
    Evie winning CharaEXPO Cos Stage and representing Singapore at TGS Cosplay Project 2015


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