• Posted by : AMCC Tuesday, July 21, 2009

    Well, this post is waaay overdue...but better late than never!

    Here's my take on our previous 2 outings.

    First up, the Games Xpo '09. I'm sad to say that it was rather lackluster. There wasn't that much to see (small event). However, there were some stuff which was interesting...like the launch of two new beat'em up games, Blaze Blue and KOF XII (drools). Other than that, nothing else caught our eyes, except for the good bargins! We picked up some stuff which were really cheap, like games, HDMI cable, etc. We got good buys! Happy :)

    The following week, we attended the second day of Cosfest VIII at Downtown East. I guess we should have gone down on the first day where there were more people. But nevertheless, we still achieved the great feat of getting good buys (again!). There were a lot of stuff for sale at the booths. Cosplay-wise, we saw the return of the awesome GUNDAM!

    There were also other interesting cosplayers like the people with pitchforks and the guy with the TV head (my apologies for not knowing their characters)...but mostly, we were there to support our cosplayers, Yanshuang and Seri. Check out my photos of them here if you haven't done so.

    Hui Ching


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