• Establised in the year 2008, SIM Anime and Gaming Club (also known as AMCC, Alternative Modern Culture Club) revolves around gaming, Japanese animation, cosplay, manga and Japanese culture in general.
    We are essentially more of a social group then a club, whereby our main activities is to meet people with similar interest and bond over the activities we enjoy doing.
    It is because of this that our 'meetings' are more like just social gatherings whereby friends just meet up to talk about all the gaming/anime news they have heard, relax and simply have fun.
    Many of us joined because we wanted to expand our social circle with people of similar Hobbies, so do try to make friends and it would be best if you could bring a few friends along
    Do visit our club's facebook page by clicking here. 

    This is the right club for you if:

    - You enjoy watching Anime and like to discuss and chat about it with others.

    - You love playing video games (Consoles/PC) and are looking for others to play with. (Looking for PSN/Steam Friends)

    - You enjoy or want to try out cosplaying, which is heavily subsidized by the school

    - You are looking for friends to visit events such as Anime Festival Asia, cosplay events, or local anime movie screenings with.


    - Being a social group, the most important criteria for members would have to be that you must be sociable. Talk to people in meetings, chat on our facebook page, comment on blog post.
    There's no point joining us if you plan on attending meetings to sit in a corner and play PSP all the way or never join any outings, right?

    Q: What activities does the club organise?
    A: Our club has meetings on Tuesdays and Thursdays, biweekly from 3pm-6pm. The meetings are periods whereby members watch anime/play games together and essentially mingle around to relax.
    We also organise outings to lan shops/karaoke sessions/minds cafe/anime movie screenings.
    Whenever there are major events for anime or gaming such as Anime Festival Asia or Gaming Conventions, we will visit them as a club.
    We also actively participate in/organise events held internally in SIM (eg, Student Week, Open House) as well as external events.

    We cosplay, which is fully subsidized by the school!!!

    Q: Are weekly meetings compulsory?
    A: The unique point of our club is that it is an easy going club with minimal obligations. 
    What this means is that if you are unable to attend the meetings due to various reasons, it is perfectly ok. We do have members who are unable to come for meetings but participate by joining us for outings and participating in events. 
    However, there will be times when the club needs your help and your presence, especially for school related matters.

    Q: How do i join the club?
    A: Click on the registration tab and fill in the necessary information needed. You should receive an email confirming your registration within a week. If you do not, kindly contact us at amccsg@gmail.com.

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