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    In this update I'll be covering our recent recruitment drive as well as our orientation meeting for the new members. The recruitment drive took place over 3 days , so I'll be breaking it down in a day-by-day format.

    Day 1- Recruitment Drive part 1
    To be honest, I had quite high expectations for our recruitment drive. We (the exco) had spent a lot of effort getting everything ready for the day's events. The room was set up for the competition and we set up our booth outside the canteen, all prepared for the day. Much to our dismay (especially mine), we did not get anybody visitors to our game competition room at all that day. Our booth fared slightly better, but not by much. It appeared that we had picked a bad time to hold a recruitment drive. Many students were in the midst of exam preparations and as a result were not go over to participate in our competition even though they expressed some interest in doing so. At the end of the day, we only had 2 people sign up.

    Day 2- Recruitment Drive part 2
    Our original plan for the booth was to get the interested parties (people who approached the booth) to head over to the lecture theater for our games competition. However, upon reflecting on the previous day's lackluster turn out, we decided to change our marketing tactics a little. We decided to place heavier emphasis on promoting our competition, rather than the club itself, as logic goes that if people enjoyed the competition, they'd be more interested in the club and what is does.

    I am pleased to report that this change in strategy did bear fruit, and we were able to attract several people to participate in our competition for the day (Link's Crossbow Training).

    The Winners for the day were:

    • 1st Prize Huang Kaijin Score of 67998
    • 2nd Prize Hiew Keat Tin Score of 62508
    • 3rd Prize Joel Lim Score of 55178

    Day 3- Orientation Meeting
    This was absolutely the highlight of our recruitment drive. Why? Firstly, we had a presentation on Seiyuu (voice actors/actresses) by club member Chun Huat. Also, Kenneth brought down Guitar Hero World Tour, Instruments and all, down to the meeting. The game was a big hit, and most of the members had a go at each of the instruments. We closed the meeting with some episodes from DMC (Detroit Metal City), another big hit among the members (if you don't know what DMC is, you should come for our meetings). Pictures of the meeting should be popping up on our Facebook page soon.

    Closing thoughts:
    All in all, this recruitment drive was a good learning experience for us. We will now be better prepared for our next recruitment drive happening somewhere in the near future. Stay tuned to this blog to find out when.

    To everyone reading this, please feel free to leave us comments in this post or leave us a message in our shoutbox located to the right of this post.

    ~ Brandon


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