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    Bryan here on the L4d Competition that was held recently. First off, as “Team Captain” for ‘Arrgh! Me CupCakes’ (AMCC), I would like to thank my teammates, Albert (President), Hui Ching (Secretary) and Jonathan (Member) for participating with me in the event. Also, a big thank you to Brandon (Video Game Head), his friends, and Kenneth (Member) for the help they gave us in training for the tourney in such a short time frame. Just to let you know how small the timeframe was, most of the team got the game about a week before the competition so again thanks for the training.

    On to the competition itself. When we arrived, the judges informed us of a change in the format. No longer was it simple elimination. It would now be a league sort of game where they totaled each team’s win/loss ratio in Versus mode, where teams alternated between Survivors and Infected to see who could beat the other team. To make matters worse, they announced that the top four Singapore teams would be competing with us that day instead of the finals. Despite these changes, our team was determined to do its best though we knew it would be tough for an amateur team like ourselves to go against pros.

    First up, we were placed against another casual team which called themselves [the same]. After a few minutes of banter, the match began in earnest. The first 2 maps of the campaign were a struggle as the other team’s Hunter teamwork was well synchronized and our team lost those. On the 3rd map however, we got the better of them as our adrenaline began to kick in.

    Unfortunately, the AI director was miffed at our team in the 4th map and we were cheated of our Tank when it was spawned before the Survivors activated the lift so we were not able to reach them. Despite that, we fought on and in the final map, our teamwork managed to work around holes in their defenses and we took them down swiftly (despite Albert talking to the judges about the problem with our tank). On our turn, our teamwork proved too much to handle and we turned our luck around and emerged victorious. Best of all, we managed to get the other team to scream our names in anger. Unfortunately, we learnt that a player on the other team was having some problems with his team and had sometimes created problems. This combined with their eventual loss resulted in the team storming off from the competition, never to return.

    The next two matches were fought against the 3rd and 2nd place winners of the previous competition, [HBK] and [Vertex II]. Needless to say, we had our asses handed to us on a platter by both teams. [HBK] however were very gracious in their victory and even told our team that we put up quite a fight over the other teams. [Vertex II] however, were not as sporting and played around with our team while taunting us as well as insulting our team before the match began. And thus, we were kicked out of the competition.

    We also learned later that overall, our team provided the biggest challenge to the 2 pro teams as our matches lasted well into 1 ½ hours compared to the others they fought with our scores in the upper hundreds compared to the double digits of the other losing teams. Overall though, I guess our team managed to learn many tactics and much info that may prove useful in the future and for that I also thank all the teams we faced. Hopefully, we will do much better in the next competition and I hope to see more supporters.

    Bryan, VP AMCC


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